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Q: What fraction 1 is 1 quarter?
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What is 1 quarter as a fraction?

1 quarter = 1/4 in fraction

What is 1 quarter written as a fraction?

One quarter as a fraction is 1/4

What One quarter as a fraction?

A quarter is 1/4 as a fraction.

What is the same as one quarter as a fraction?

in fraction it is 1/4

What fraction is 25?

1 quarter

What is a quarter fraction?

It is 1/4.

What fraction is one-quarter?

one fourth or 1/4

1 inch in a quarter in fraction?

It is 4/1.

How do you write 1 quarter as a fraction?


How is one quarter inch written as a fraction?

one quarter inch written as a fraction is 1/4 inch.

What is 1 and 1 quarter as an improper fraction?

1 and 1/4 as an improper fraction is 5/4

How do you express a number as a fraction?

A fraction can be written as a word, such as quarter. You can write quarter as a number as .25 or 1/4

What percent of the dollar is 1 quarter?

1 quarter is 1 quarter of a dollar so as a fraction it is 1/4 → it is 1/4 of 100% = 25 %.

What fraction of 1 dollar is 1 quarter?


What fraction is a dollar to one quarter?

A dollar to one quarter is 4:1, or 4/1.

A penny is what fraction of a quarter?


What is a quarter fraction of a gallon?

It is 1/4.

What is one quarter as a fraction?


What fraction is equivalent to quarter?


What fraction of a quarter is a nickel?


What fraction of dollar is a quarter?


What is a quarter expressed as a fraction?

It is: 1/4

What fraction of 10 is 1 and 1 and quarter?

1 and 1 quarter = 1.25 so fraction is 1.25/10 multiply by 4/4 = 5/40 =1/8

What is one quarter as a fraction percentage and a decimal?

one quarter: = 1/4 in fraction = 0.25 in decimal = 25% in percentage

What it is 0.25 as fraction?

0.25 is a quarter of 100% so is 1/4th as a fraction