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3.6/3 - not conventionally describes as a fraction.

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Q: What fraction equals 1.2 and has a denominator of 3?
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What fraction that has a denominator of twelve equals three fourths?

3/4 x 3/3 = 9/12

What is the denominator in the fraction three twelfths?

12 is the denominator of 3/12 (three twelfths)

What fraction is equal to one fourth that has a denominator of 12?


What fraction is equal to 3 over 4 that has a denominator of 12?

3/4 = 9/12

What fraction that has the denominator of 12 equals one third?

?/12 = 1/3 Multiply both the numerator and denominator by 4 on the 1/3 to make the denominators the same. 4/12 = 1/3 I know my explanation is a tad bit hard to comprehend, but i hope i helped you.

What is another fraction for 3 over 4 that has a denominator of 12?

3*3/3*4 = 9/12

How do you rename dissimilar fraction to similar fraction?

Find the least common denominator and convert each fraction to its equivalent. Example: 2/3 and 3/4 The least common denominator of 3 and 4 is 12. 2/3 = 8/12 3/4 = 9/12

Rewrite the fraction 1/3 with 12 as the denominator?

be more specific

What is the equation of three twelve and one third?

Change one fraction into an equivalent fraction so that both have the same denominator. 3/12 + 1/3 = 3/12 + 4/12 Both the numerator and denominator of 1/3 have been multiplied by 4 to convert it to the equivalent fraction 4/12. 3/12 + 4/12 = 7/12

What number is a denominator in a fraction?

The denominator is the number underneath the numerator in a fraction as for example in the fraction 3/4 the numerator is 3 and the denominator is 4

What equals the fraction 8 12?


How do you write the fraction two-thirds as an equivalent fraction with a denominator of 18?

To get the fraction with a denominator of 18 that is equivalent to 2/3, multiply 2/3 by 6/6:= 2/3 * 6/6= 12/18

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