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It is: 0.6 = 3/5

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Q: What fraction in its lowest terms is equal too 0.6?
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What are 1 proper fraction?

1/2 is a proper fraction, and it's in lowest terms too.

What fraction is 2.5 equal too?

2.5 is equal to 21/2

What is a fraction equal too 1 that has a denominator of 7?

What is a fraction of 1-2 of ten

What is 8.1 equal too as a fraction?

It is: 8.1 = 81/10

What common fraction is 325 closest too?

It is closest to (equal to) 325/1.

What does 165 over 847 simplify too in lowest terms?

Both 165 and 847 can be evenly divided by 11, so in lowest terms, 165/847 = (165/11)(847/11) = 15/75.

What is 8.1 equal too?

As a mixed number 8 and 1/10 or as a fraction 81/10

What fraction is equal too 0.23?

23/100 23 is a prime number, therefore can only be displayed like this

What is 4.65 as a fraction with a denominator of 48?

There is no such fraction. 223/48 is too small and 224/48 is too large.

What is 28-32 equal too?

28-32 equal too = -4

is 1500ml less than, greater than, or equal too 1.5L?

it is equal too =)

What does too plus too equal?

it equals for