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0.003% = 3/100000

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Q: What fraction is equivalent to .003 percent?
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Related questions

What is .003 as a fraction and percent?

3 over 1000 as a fraction. 0.3% as a percent.

What is the equivalent fraction of .003?


What percent is equivalent to 0.125?

The percent equivalent is 12.5%. The fraction equivalent is 1/8.

What is 003 percent in fraction?

0.003%= 0.00003 in decimal= 3/100000 in fraction

What fractions are equivalent to 40 percent?

2/5 is the equivalent fraction

What fraction is equivalent to forty percent?

74/185 is one answer to what fraction is equal to forty percent.

What fraction nine-tenths is equivalent to what percent?

90 percent

What is equivalent to 30 percent?

30 percent is equivalent to 0.3 in decimal or 3/10 in fraction

What fraction is equivalent to 80 percent?

4/5fraction which is equivalent to 80 percent = 8/10 or 4/580% = 80%/100% = 8/10 or 4/5 in fraction

What is 2.70 percent as a fraction?

Percent or percentage equates to hundredths. So 2.7% of a number is equivalent to 2.7/100 of that number. An equivalent fraction is 27/1000.

What is 6.666666 percent as a fraction?

6.666 % is equivalent to the fraction, 1/15.

What fraction is equivalent to 99.9 percent?

It is: 99.9% = 999/1000 as a fraction

What fraction is equivalent to 17 percent?

17% as a fraction is 17/100

What is the decimal fraction equivalent to 5 percent?

5 percent = 0.05

What fraction is equivalent to 66 percent?

66% = 33/50

What fraction is equivalent 50 percent?

It is 0.5

What is an equivalent fraction to 35 percent?

35% as a simplified fraction is 7/20

What is the fraction 34 as a percent?

34 is an integer, not a fraction. The percentage equivalent is 3400%.

What is equivalent to 7.5 percent?

7.5 percent is equivalent to 75/1000 or 3/40 in fraction or 0.075 in decimal

What fraction is equivalent to about 67 percent?

67/100 is equivalent to 67 percent

When is the fraction equivalent to a percent an improper fraction?

Percent means out of 100. So a percentage can be written as a fraction over a denominator of 100. An improper fraction is when the numerator is greater than the denominator. ⇒ Any percentage greater than 100 % will have an improper fraction equivalent.

How do you create an equivalent representation for a percent when giving the fraction?

To change a fraction into percent: - Perform the division indicated by the fraction. - Multiply the quotient by 100.

What fraction is equivalent to 35 percent?

Percent or per cent means per 100 so 35 percent as a fraction is 35/100. We can simplify this fraction to 7/20. So 7/20 or 35/100 is equivalent to 35 percent.

What is the equiveleant to 0.1?

The fraction equivalent is 1\10 and the percent equivalent is 10%.

What is a fraction converted as a percent?

It is an equivalent fraction whose denominator has been set to 100.