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- 3/5 = - 9/15 = ...

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Q: What fraction is equvilent to negative three over five?
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What is the equvilent fraction of five ninths?


What is negative 3 and five sevenths expressed as an improper fraction?

Negative 3 and five sevenths expressed as an improper fraction is - 26/7.

What is negative point twenty five as a fraction?


What is ten to the negative five as a fraction?


What is negative three minus five?

negative 8

What is the answer to negative three plus negative five?


What is negative two plus negative three?

It is negative five or -5.

What fraction is closer to zero negative five twelves or negative two thirds?


What is negative one point five as a fraction?

-1 1/2 (negative one and one half)

What is the average negative twelve negative fourteen negative three and positive five?

Negative six is.

What is three out of five aS A FRACTION?


What does a mix number mean?

it means like a whole numbe and a fraction for example three and five six three is the whole number and five six is the fraction

What is the fraction five eights plus three fifteenths?

three fourths

What is 3x-5?

Three times negative five is negative fifteen.

What is negative three plus negative five?

it negative eight just add normally and add negative

What is bigger three quarters or five sixths?

Five sixths is the bigger fraction.

What is negative three times five?


What is the fraction for five divided by three?

It is 5/3.

What is negative two minus five thirds?

negative three and two thirds

What is negative three over seven plus negative five?

((negative 3) / 7) + (negative 5) = -5.42857142857 when calculated.

What is a forty five as a fraction of one and three quarter?


What fraction of three fifths is one third?

Five ninths.

What is three and five tenths in fraction form?


What is negative three over five as a decimal?


Is five greater than negative three?