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Q: What is the answer to negative three plus negative five?
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What is negative two plus negative three?

It is negative five or -5.

What is negative three plus negative five?

it negative eight just add normally and add negative

What is five plus negative three?

5 + (-3) = 2

What is the answer to negative 3 plus negative 2?

-3+-2=-5. In word form: negative three plus negative two equals negative five.

What is negative three over seven plus negative five?

((negative 3) / 7) + (negative 5) = -5.42857142857 when calculated.

What is the answer to three-fifths plus negative six?

The answer is negative five and two-fifths or -5.4.

What is the answer to negative three equals negative five plus n over 3?


What is the answer to -3 plus -5 equals?


What does zero plus negative five equal?

Negative five.

What is negative two and three fifths plus five eighths?

-31/40 or -0.775

What is negative three and five sixths plus negative twelve sevenths?

It is negative 233 over 42 = - 233/42 or - 523/42

What is five plus negative 2 times six plus five minus two times negative two?

negative 24

Is negative two plus five negative three or positive three?

-2 + 5 = 3 note that this is equivalent to 5 - 2 = 3; subtraction is commutative.

What is negative nine plus four?

negative five

What is negative one plus negative five?


Is three plus two five eight?

No, but three plus five is.

What is positive three plus negative five?

-2 swap it round and you get... -5+3=-2 simples

How is subtracting integers like adding integers?

It's pretty much the exact same. Subtracting is the same as adding a negative number. Foe example, five minus three is the same as five plus negative three.

What Is negative 15 Plus positive three?

negative 15 plus positive three = negative twelve -15 + +3 = -12

What is negative three fourths plus negative three fourths?

negative one and a half

What is negative five over twelve plus negative three over four?

The sum of -5/12 and -3/4 is -1 1/6

What is 9 minus five plus five times zero plus three?


What is six plus five plus negative nine?

the answer is 2

Does negative eight plus negative three equal?

Negative eight (-8) plus negative three (-3) is equal to negative eleven (-11). It is the same as -8 - 3.

What is negative five times two plus three?

-7 -5 * 2=-10 -10 + 3=-7