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There are infinitely many fractions between a half and one. One of them is 2/3

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Q: What fraction is larger than a half?
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What fraction is larger than three fourths?

a half

What fraction is larger two fifth or one half?

1/2 is larger than 2/5

Why is an improper fraction greater than a proper fraction?

A proper fraction is a fraction who's numerator is smaller than the denominator. An improper fraction is a fraction who's numerator is larger than or equal to the denominator. 1/2 is a proper fraction. 3/2 is an improper fraction. Now to understand why the improper fraction is larger than the proper fraction, lets split them up. The proper fraction is one half of a whole, whereas the improper fraction is one whole and one half. Basically the proper is one half, and the improper is three halves. In theory, a proper fraction is always less than the whole number under consideration. On the other hand, an improper fraction is either equal to or larger than the whole number under consideration.

When does multiplying by a fraction give an answer that is larger than that original answer?

A fraction can be larger than 1, for example, 4/2 is a fraction (which can be simplified to 2). Only a fraction that is larger than 1, multiplied by another number gives you a larger number.

What fraction is larger 1 half or three fifths?

Three fifths is larger.

How do you find out if a half a kilogram is larger than half a pound?

A kilogram is larger than a pound, so half a kilogram is larger than half a pound.

How do you know that a fraction is closest to one half?

In order to compare two fractions, you have to convert them so that they have the same denominator, which is to say, they are the same kind of fraction, whether that is thirds, quarters, fifths, etc. Let's say that I want to compare 2/9 with 1/5. I can make them both into 45ths. Multiply the 2/9 by 5/5 and you get 10/45. Multiply the 1/5 by 9/9 and you get 9/45. Now you can compare, because 10/45 is obvious 1/45 larger than 9/45. In the example given, since both fractions are less than a half, the larger one is closer to a half. If I had two fractions that were both larger than a half, then the smaller one is closer to a half. What if I have a fraction that is larger than a half and another fraction that is smaller than a half, and I want to know which is closer to a half? I would have to convert all 3 fractions (half is also a fraction) so that they have common denominators, then I can easily subtract a candidate fraction from a half, or subtract a half from it, and see which gives the biggest difference.

What type of fraction is larger than 1?

an improper fraction

How can you tell if a fraction is less than a half?

if the number above the bottom number is smaller than half of the bottom number, the fraction is less than half. For example, say the fraction is 3/8, half of the bottom number is 4. 3 is smaller than 4 therefore the fraction is less than half.

What happens to the quotient when you divide a fraction by a fraction?

The quotient is larger than the original fraction.

When the denominator is larger than the numerator the fraction is called what?

Proper fraction

What is a fraction called when the numerator is larger than the denominatior?

An improper fraction.

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