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A fraction less than four sixths would be 5/6!

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Q: What fraction is less than four sixth?
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Is two sixth greater that four sixth?

No because 2/6 is less than 4/6 or 1/3 is less than 2/3

Is one sixth less than one fourth?

Yes, any fraction that has a lower denominator will be smaller.

Is four fifth less than four sixth?

No, 4/5 is larger than 4/6 (which reduces to 2/3).

Is two thirds less than four sixths?

theyre equal, because if you simplify four sixth it reduces down to two thirds.

Is one sixth greater than or less than one fourth?

one sixth will be lesser than one fourth

Is four sevenths less than sixth ninths?

Four- Sevenths (4/7) is about 0.57 and six- ninths (6/9) is about 0.67, so yes it is less by a small amount.

Is 0.4 less than or greater than a fraction two-thirds?

It is less than, because you know that 0.4 is four tenths, you then would find the scale factor of that number and your answer is less than.

What is a fraction that is less than one?

A proper fraction is defined as a fraction that is less than one.

Is six tenths less than four fifths?

Yes because 1/5=2/10 therefore 4/5=8/10. Meaning that sixth tenths is, in fact, less than four fifths.

Is one sixth greater than less than or equal to one sixths?

Is is one sixth greater than less than or equal to three sixths

What is a fraction greater than one sixth?

2 sixths

What fraction is greater than one sixth?