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Four- Sevenths (4/7) is about 0.57 and six- ninths (6/9) is about 0.67, so yes it is less by a small amount.

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Q: Is four sevenths less than sixth ninths?
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How much less than one is thee sevenths?

Answer: four-sevenths. One minus three-sevenths is four sevenths

What is less seven ninths or four fifths?

seven ninths.

Is six sevenths less than four fourths?

Six sevenths is one seventh less than four fourths.

Is four ninths greater than or less than eight sixteenths?

Four ninths is less than eight sixteenths.

Is two ninths less than four ninths?

Yes it is correct.

Is four fifths greater or less than eight ninths?

Four fifths is less.

Is four ninths less then five elevenths?


Is 2 and a half less than two and four ninths?

No. 2 and a half (or 2.5) is greater than two and four ninths(or 2.4444...).

What is the LCD of five sevenths and two ninths?

It has to be 7x9 or 63 or less. There is no number less than 63 which is divisible by both 7 and 9 therefore 63 is the LCD.

Is seven nines less then one six?

no by the way it's 7 ninths and one sixth

Is five ninth greater than or less than four eighth?

Four Eights Is Bigger Than Five Ninths.

What fraction is less than four sixth?

A fraction less than four sixths would be 5/6!

Is 4 ninths less than 1 half?

Yes. Four-ninths (or four divided by nine, 0.4 with the 4 repeating) is a lesser value than one-half (or one divided by two, 0.5).

Is two sixth greater that four sixth?

No because 2/6 is less than 4/6 or 1/3 is less than 2/3

Can the lcd of four ninths and thirteen seventeenths be less than 17 explain?

No. The least common denominator cannot be less than the largest denominator.

Is three fifths greater Or less than or equal to six sevenths?

three fifths is less than six sevenths

Is two thirds less or greater than seven ninths?


What is six and four- ninths nearest whole?

It rounds to 6 because 2/9 is less than 1/2

Is two sevenths less than three sevenths?

Yes. 2/7 is 0.2857 and 3/7 is 0.4286.

Is two ninths less than one half?

yes because one half is 4.5 ninths

Is four fifth less than four sixth?

No, 4/5 is larger than 4/6 (which reduces to 2/3).

Is two thirds less than four sixths?

theyre equal, because if you simplify four sixth it reduces down to two thirds.

Is three fifths less than four sevenths?

Convert them to a common denominator, which in this case is 35 (5 x 7...the two denominators multiplied), so 3/5 becomes 21/35 and 4/7 becomes 20/35, therefore three fifths is greater than four sevenths.

Is three sevenths less than one half?


Is six sevenths less than nineteen twentieths?