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1/24. there are 24 hours in a day, and 1 hour is 1/24

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Q: What fraction of a day is a 1hour?
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What fraction of 1hour is 45minutes?


What fraction of 1hour is 5minutes?


What fraction of 1hour is 50mins?

50/60 = 5/6

What fraction of 1hour is 48minutes?

It is: 48/60 = 4/5 simplified

What is 36 minutes as a fraction?

36minutes can be expressed as 3/5hours.(1hour = 60minutes)

What fraction of 1hour is 48min?

48/60 = 12/15 = 4/5

What fraction of 1hour is 12 minutes?

It is: 12/60 or 1/5 in its lowest terms

What fraction of 1hour is a 20minutes b 40minutes?

a: 20/60 = 1/3 and b: 40/60 = 2/3

What fraction of an hour is 12 minutes?

1hour=60minute 12/60=1/5

How long did the earth shake before the day of the eruption in Pompeii?

5 minutes but 1hour the day before

How much is 1hour?

1 hour is 60 minutes or 1/24 of a day

How many exercises should a teenager get per day?

ee should do 1hour and 30 min each day.

How many hours would it take to drive 103 miles?


Do people spend thirty minutes each day with their eyes closed because of blinking?

no 1hour

How long is the flight from London to Zurich?

It takes 1hour and 45mins. It takes 1hour and 45mins.

What does 45 minutes plus 45 minutes equals?

1Hour & 30Mins..

How often will you take Myrin P Forte?

once a day.. but in my case I am told to take 3 capsules 30mins-1hour before my breakfast .

What fraction is a day of the week?

A day is one seventh of a week.

How many days are in 93400 seconds?

(93,400 seconds) / (86,400 seconds per day) = 1day 1hour 56minutes 40seconds

How many hours per day do people play video games?

Some are addictive so they play the whole day, And the other ones play 2hours/1hour

What fraction of the day is 22 hours?

22 hours represents 91.67% of one day or 11/12 in fraction form.

What fraction of day is 10 hours?

there are 24 hours in a day so fraction is 10/24= 5/12

How long does it take to fly from Adelaide to Hobart?

1hour and 50 mins 1hour and 50 mins

What fraction of the day is 13 hours?

It is 13/24, a fraction which cannot be simplified.

What fraction of a day is 17 hours?

there are 24hours in a whole day. You want 17 hours as a fraction of a whole day so the answer is 17/ 24