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One third

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Q: What fraction of fifteen is five?
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What is a fraction that is equal to five fifteen?


What is forty five centimeters as a fraction of fifteen meters?


What is fifteen percent as a fraction?

fifteen percent as a fraction is __15___ 100

What is the improper fraction for five and eight over fifteen?

5 8/15 = 83/15

What are two examples of five over fifteen as an equivalent fraction?

They are: 1/3 and 10/30

How do you write fifteen fourths as a fraction?

Fifteen fourths written as a fraction is 15/4

What is fifteen as a fraction?

15 as a fraction is 15/1.

What fraction is fifteen out of twenty?

fifteen out of twenty = 3/4

What is fifteen thirtieths as a fraction?

Fifteen thirtieths as a fraction is 15/30. In simplest terms it is 1/2.

Who is fifteen and five tenths shoun?

What is fifteen and five tenths shown?Fifteen and five tenths shown is: 15.5 or 15 1/2.

What the sum of twenty-five and fifteen?

The sum of twenty-five and fifteen = 25 + 15 = 40

How do you write 15.45 in words?

Fifteen and forty-five hundredths

Fifteen seconds is what fraction of a minute?

a quarter.

Is five sixth equivalent to the fraction fifteen over twenty?

No, -5/6 cannot equal 15/20 (which is really 3/4)

How to you write fifteen thousand five hundred?

The number fifteen thousand five hundred is written as 15,500

Is fifteen a factor of one-hundred and five?

Yes; fifteen times seven is one hundred and five.

How do you say 15.515?

15.515 = fifteen and five hundred fifteen thousandths.

What is fifteen as an improper fraction?

15 over 1

What fraction is equivalent to fifteen nineties?


How do you write fifteen thousandths in fraction form?


What is half of one thousand five hundred fifteen?

Half of one thousand five hundred fifteen is 532.5.

What are the release dates for The Five Fifteen - 1923 I?

The Five Fifteen - 1923 I was released on: USA: 21 January 1923

What is fifteen divided by one third?

Forty-five. When we divide by a fraction, we can flip the fraction up-side-down and multiply. So we have 15 x 3/1 =15 x 3 =45

What is 515?

five hundred fifteen

What is fifteen divided by five?