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Well; putting simply, 21%

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Q: What fraction of the air is oxygen?
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What fraction of oxygen is air?


About what fraction of air is oxygen?


What is the mole fraction of oxygen gas in air?

The mole fraction of Oxygen = 21/100= .21

About what fraction of air is made of oxygen?

Oxygen makes up about 21% or approximately 1/5 of the air.

What percentage or fraction of air is pure oxygen What comprises the most of the rest?

21% of air is pure oxygen

What do humans and animals breathe in?

Air containing a substantial fraction of oxygen. If there is not enough oxygen we die.

Is oxygen a air?

Oxygen is in the air.

Why is oxygen important to the air?

oxygen have air and that how air can be improtant to the oxygen around us .

What fraction of oxygen do you breathe?

all of it that I can get

Why are there differences in the oxygen and carbon dioxide compositions of inhaled air and exhaled air?

Oxygen is very important for humans.Man cannot survive without oxygen.It is the primary agent in almost all process that takes place in a human body.When we inhale air we only utilise the oxygen present in the air.But really the air we inhale is a mixture of many gasses.The air we inhale contains about 78% nitrogen ,21% oxygen. When air is inhaled, a portion of that 21% that is oxygen diffuses across the alveolar membrane into the blood to be taken to the body to be used. At the same time, carbon dioxide, a waste gas for the body, is diffusing back across the alveolar membrane to be exhaled. This results in the change in inhaled and exhaled air. Exhaled air has a lower fraction of oxygen and a higher fraction of carbon dioxide as a result of the diffusion across the alveolar membrane.

What is the mole fraction of oxygen in a gas mixture that is 37 percent oxygen and 63 percent nitrogen in volume?

the mole fraction of oxygen= 37/100 0.37 the mole fraction of Nitrogen= .63 that equals to give 1

How much of the air is oxygen?

21% of the air is oxygen.

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