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Q: What fraction of the radius is taken up by the chromosphere?
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What is Jupiter's orbital radius?

ok what is the point in haveing this question even up if it doesnt have a goddamn answer up yet!!!?!?!?!?

What are the layers of the sun and what occurs in each layer?

The sun has many different layers that make up the sun: Core Radiation Zone Convection Zone Photosphere- sunspots Chromosphere Transition Region Corona The Core is the layer that stores all of the sun's energy. The Radiation Zone transfers the energy that the Core passes. The Convection Zone carries the sun's energy to the surface. The Photosphere is the visible surface of the sun. The Chromosphere is a thin surface above the Photosphere. The Corona is the sun's atmospheric layer.

What fraction of the universe does the sun take up?

According to current estimates, approximately 1/1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

How can you work out the density of a planet or star?

To find the density, you need both the mass and the radius of the planet or star. The mass can be found if the orbital radius and period of any of the body's satelites are known. If not, thth masses of most bodies can be looked up. The only way of finding the radius is to look it up or to measure it directly, or through spectroscopy. Once you have both values, you use the equation density = mass/volume. Mass is mass, and (assuming the object is spherical) volume is 4/3 * pi * r^3.

Which layers make up the atmosphere of the sun?

Photosphere- 6,000*C, it gives off energy in the form of light Chromosphere- 4,000-50,000*C, it glows with a reddish light typical of the color given off by hydrogen Corona- >1,000,000*C, it is not very dense but it has a magnetic field stopping subatomic particles from escaping into space

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What are flamelike columns of gas that make up most of the chromosphere?


What fraction of the earths surface is taken up by tropical rain forests?


What ar the layers that make up the sun?

photosphere, chromosphere, and corona are the suns atmoshere made up of (=

How is the solar chromosphere and corona heated to their high temperatures A Prominences and flares erupt from the photosphere out to the chromosphere and corona?

Obviously not by heat transfer; heat, of course, will only flow from hotter objects to colder objects. There are different theories about how the corona heats up; currently, it isn't known for sure which of these theories is correct.

Assuming the diameters of the nucleus and atom are 10'4 A and 1-5 A correspondingly what fraction of the volume of the atom is taken up by the nucleus?


What is the radius and ulna also known as?

The ulna and radius are the bones that make up the Forearm.

What are different layers that make up the sun?

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What is a fraction that is made up of a number followed by a fraction?

A mixed number (or fraction).

What are 3 parts of the sun's atmosphere?

The sun is made up several different layers, but the main 3 would have to be 1. Photosphere, 2. Chromosphere, 3. Corona.

What's another word for chromosphere?

The Color Sphere. Why? Because it is the atmospheric layer of the sun that gives it its yellowish-orangish color. It was in our science book so i am not making this up

What is the lateral bone of the forearm?

In anatomical position the palms are facing up, making the ulna the medial bone of the forearm. The ulna is on the pinky side, and radius is on the thumb side.

What is packing fraction?

Are you referring to the packing factor in Crystallography? This is the proportion of volume taken up by atoms compared to the total volume. See Wikipedia entry for Atomic Packing Factor