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Five ninths.

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Q: What fraction of three fifths is one third?
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Related Questions

What is one third of three fifths?

One third of three fifths is one fifth.

What fraction is two fifths of two thirds?


Is one third greater or less than three fifths?

three fifths is bigger.

What is three and one third divided by two fifths?

Three and one third divided by two fifths = 81/3

What fraction is less than three fifths?

two fifths, one fifth

Which fraction is larger one third or four fifths?


Which is bigger one third or three fifths?

One third = 1/3 = 0.33333 Three Fifth = 3/5 = 0.6 Obviously Three Fifths is greater than One Third

What is five ninths times three fifths?

Five ninths times three fifths is one third.

What fraction of one pound is sixty pence?

three fifths

What is three fifths minus one third?

4 --- 15

What is one fraction between one fourth and two fifths?

3/10 (Three tenths)

What fraction is between one quarter and two fifths?

one third There are an infinite number of fractions between the figures.

What is one-third divided by three-fifths?

1/3 ÷ 3/5 = 5/9

What is the answer to one half times five and three fifths?

The answer to one half times five and three fifths is 2.8. To make it easier, take the fraction of three fifths, and convert it into decimal form, which is 0.6. Add 5 to that. Take the fraction of one half and convert that into decimal form, which is 0.5. Now multiply 0.5 and 5.6, and you get your answer.

What is negative one and four fifths divided by negative three and one third?


Is one third the equal to greater then or less than two fifths?

One third is greater than two fifths.

What fraction of the band is woodwinds Two fifths of the instruments in the marching band are brass one third are percussion and the rest are woodwinds?

The fraction is 4/15.

What is three fifths multiplied by one third?

3/15, which simplifies to 1/5

What is a fraction between three fifths and four eights?

Fifty three hundredths is one of an infinite number of possible answers.

What is two fifths minus one third?

Two fifths minus one third is 1/15.

How is two fifths bigger than one third?

Two fifths is 40% and one third is ~33% :)

What is the fraction of notation of thirty three and one third?

The fraction form is 100/3.

Which fraction is greater three fifhs or three tenths?

three fifths is greater. if the number on top is the same, then the one with the least on bottom is the greatest.

What is 0.824 as a fraction?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 0.824 is equal to 103/125 or one hundred and three one hundred and twenty-fifths.

What is three-fifths plus one-third?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 3/5 + 1/3 = 14/15 or fourteen fifteenths. Expressed as a decimal, this is equal to 0.93 recurring (that is, 0.93333..)