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It is any fraction whose numerator is zero and denominator is not zero.

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Q: What fraction ois equal to 0?
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Related questions

What is a fraction of 0 over 3 equal?

0 over 3 is equal to 0.

What fraction in its lowest terms is equal?


What does a fraction with a zero in the numerator equal?

0. Whatever the denominator - unless the denominator is also 0 in which case the fraction is undefined.

What is a fraction 0 over 6 equal?


A fraction with a zero in the numerator equals to what?

It is equal to 0.

Which fraction is equal to 0?

The primary answer is 0/1. However, you can multiply the numerator and denominator of the primary answer by any non-zero integer to obtain an equivalent fraction. If the selected integer is n, the equivalent fraction will be (0*n)/(1/n) = 0/n. Thus any number of the form 0/n is a fraction equivalent to 0.

Which fraction is equal to 0-4?


What is a fraction in which the numerator is equal to the denominator?

If the two are 0 then the fraction is not defined. Otherwise it has the value 1.

Fraction that always equals one?

Any fraction to the power of 0 will always equal 1 Any fraction that has the same numerator and denominator will also equal 1

What is a ratio of 2 integer where the denominator not equal to 0?

It is a rational fraction.

What is a ratio of 2 integers where the denominator is not equal to 0?

It is a rational fraction.

What does the fraction equal if 0 is on the bottom?

It doesn't equal anything. Although it can be considered infinite.

When will a fraction be equal to 0?

0 over any number except 0. eg 0/1, 0/2, 0/6723984

What fraction is equivalent to six fifths?

Six fifths is a fraction and is equal to six fifths. Also, (6k/5k) is equal to six fifths for any k not equal to 0.

What is a ratio of 2 where the denominator equal zero?

If the denominator is 0 then the fraction is undefined.

What is 0. 74 equal to?

0.74 = 37/50 as a fraction in its simplest form

Can the fraction 0 over 3 be written as a decimal?

0/3 is equal to nothing, so 0/3 written as a decimal would be 0

What is 2 divided by 3?


What is a fraction of 3 over 0 equal?

It is not equal to anything. Division by zero is not a valid operation.

When the numerator of a fraction is equal to its denominator the fraction is equal to?

It is equal to 1.

What is 0 percent as a fraction?

0% as a fraction = 0/1

Why does a fraction equal zero when a zero is in the numerator?

because a fraction means the numerator divided by the denominator. whenever you take zero and divide it by something you will always get zero Ex. 0/4 = 0 0/2935871238957 = 0 0/109 = 0

What fraction is equal to 416?

416 is an integer and not equal to a fraction.

What does the fraction 3 over 0 equal?

It is not a real number since you cannot divide anything by zero

When can volume fraction be equal to mole fraction?

The volume fraction of a substance is equal to the mole fraction for ideal gas mixture