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Q: What fractions are larger then one and a half?
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What fraction is larger than a half?

There are infinitely many fractions between a half and one. One of them is 2/3

When fractions have like denominators the larger the what the larger the fraction?

When you have fractions with like denominators, the larger is the one with the larger numerator.

What fraction is larger?

When the fractions are converted to equivalent fractions with the same denominator the one with the larger numerator is the larger fraction.

Which is larger one third of one half or one half of one third?

Neither is larger.

What is the definition of comparing fractions?

when 2 fractions have the same denomenator, the one the larger numerator is greater.

How do you know that a fraction is closest to one half?

In order to compare two fractions, you have to convert them so that they have the same denominator, which is to say, they are the same kind of fraction, whether that is thirds, quarters, fifths, etc. Let's say that I want to compare 2/9 with 1/5. I can make them both into 45ths. Multiply the 2/9 by 5/5 and you get 10/45. Multiply the 1/5 by 9/9 and you get 9/45. Now you can compare, because 10/45 is obvious 1/45 larger than 9/45. In the example given, since both fractions are less than a half, the larger one is closer to a half. If I had two fractions that were both larger than a half, then the smaller one is closer to a half. What if I have a fraction that is larger than a half and another fraction that is smaller than a half, and I want to know which is closer to a half? I would have to convert all 3 fractions (half is also a fraction) so that they have common denominators, then I can easily subtract a candidate fraction from a half, or subtract a half from it, and see which gives the biggest difference.

What is larger one half or one eighth?

One half.

Is the sum of two fractions always a fraction?

No - one half plus one half equals one.

What fractions are bigger than one half?

Three fourths is bigger than one half.

Is 23.4 or 23 1 half larger?

23 and one half is larger.

What is one half equal to in fractions?

It is 1/2

Which is larger one half or one third?

1 half

Which is larger one half or five twelfths?

One half

What is larger one half or three eights?

one half.

Is one third larger than one fourth?

yes. When you are working with fractions like this, the smaller the denominator, the larger the fraction.

Which one is larger one twelfth or one half?

1/2 is larger.

Which is larger five sixths or one half?

five sixths is larger than a half.

How many fractions are between three-fourths and one-half?

Whatever two fractions you name, no matter how close together they are, I can always name another fraction between them. In fact, there are an infinite number of fractions between any two fractions, no matter how close together they are. That goes for three-fourths and one-half.

How many fractions are between 1 and one and a half?


What is one half of seven eighth in fractions?


How can you compare rational numbers?

Subtract one from the other.If the answer is positive then the first is larger,if the answer is negative, then the second is larger.Rational numbers are numbers that can be expressed as fractions whereas irrational numbers can't be expressed as fractions.

Five sixth plus one half fractions?

one and two sixth's

What fraction is one half or one fifth?

They are two proper rational fractions.

What fractions lie between one half and seven twelfths?

There are an infinite number of fractions that lie between any two fractions. In this case 13/24 is one example.

When both fractions are higher than one half?

You half to times them by 4 and add 2