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10/11 is the only fraction that appears on that list in simplest form. It's the only one

there in which the numerator and denominator have no common factor (except 1).

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Q: What fractions is written in reduced form How do you know 9 over 18 10 over 11 6 over 8 18 over 21?
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What types of problems can be solved using the the greatest common factor?

When reducing fractions to their lowest terms

What are facts about fractions?

Yes their is an interesting fact about fractions that is you have to know how to do them

How do you find a fraction if the fraction is reduced and you don't know the fraction?

Your question is unclear.If you are trying to find a fraction it implies you do not know what it is, otherwise you would not be trying to find it.Fractions are generally reduced to their simplest form for clarity.

What do you no about fractions?

well i know that you cant spell KNOW. also that fractions are fractions of a number ex: the fraction of 1/2 is half of one whole.

What is 356 in frations?

Don't know what frations are. In fractions, 356 could be written as 356/1 or 712/2 etc.

What is 0.6 as a fraction in simplest form?

We know that the decimal 0.6 is six tenths. That is written as 6/10, and this fraction can be reduced. Dividing both numerator and denominator by 2, we'll find that 3/5 is the fraction in simplest form.

What is simplest form for?

simplest form is for fractions like say your teacher say write something in simplest form i learned that in 4th grade when i was 8 and know im 9 in the 5th grade

When where fractions invented?

you think I really know?!

What is 24.343 written in standard form?

i dont know it

How many eighth notes equal a half note?

If you know fractions, that should be a walk in the park. 4/8 = 1/2 when reduced. This means that four eighth notes is equal to one half.

What to do in a math question on fractions?

-- Take the information given with the question. -- Think over what you know about fractions. -- Use the given information, combined with what you know about fractions, to find the missing information.

When would it be useful to know the common factors or the greatest common factor of two or more numbers?

When you need to reduce fractions to their simplest form.