What fractions make recurring decimals?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Any fraction which, in its simplest form, has a denominator which has any factor other than 1, 2 or 5.

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Q: What fractions make recurring decimals?
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Related questions

Can decimals be in a fraction?

Of course all the decimals have fractions except those with non-recurring and non-terminating decimals.

How do you compare fractions without common denominators?

Make them into decimals. Make them into decimals.

Are all fractions with a denominator of 9 recurring decimals?

Yes, aside from 0 or anything 9 divides evenly into

Can fractions be added to decimals?

Yes providing you change the fractions into decimals or change the decimals into fractions

What does decimals have that fractions don't?

In theory, infinite, non-recurring decimals can represent irrational number whereas fractions cannot do that. However, any non-recurring decimal number can be expressed for only a finite number of digits and so this theoretical difference cannot be attained in reality.

Terminating Recurring Decimal?

Decimals can be recurring. Decimals can be terminating. They can't be both.

Are recurring decimals considered irrational numbers?

No. Recurring decimals are rational numbers.

How does interpreting decimals as fractions help you make sense of adding and subtracting decimals?

Decimals are fractions. Fractions are easy to picture graphically. Considering them in a concrete fashion makes the basic operations of addition and subtraction easy to visualize.

How fractions are related to repeating decimals and terminating decimals?

All rational fractions - one integer divided by a non-zero integer - give rise to repeating or terminating decimals. If, for the fraction in its simplest form, the denominator can be expressed as a product of powers of only 2 and 5 then the decimal will terminate. If the denominator has any prime factor other than 2 or 5 the decimal will be recurring. All non-rational fractions will have infinite, non-recurring decimal representations.

Decimals and fractions are blank of a whole?

Decimals and fractions are PART of a whole

How do you order fractions?

put it in order from decimals as in first make the fraction in decimals and put them in order you desire :)

What numbers do you have to change fractions to decimals?

All numbers can be changed from fractions to decimals.