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Q: What frequencies can an 802.11n device operate in?
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Could you use a Blue tooth device and send it to a Infrared device?

No. Bluetooth and infrared devices operate on separate frequencies.

Band is to frequency as spectrum is to?

Bandwidth. Bandwidth refers to the range of frequencies over which a signal or device can operate effectively, similar to how band refers to a specific range of frequencies in a spectrum.

Radar can operate at frequencies as high as?


Which frequencies are the airband frequencies?

Airband, a group of frequencies in the VHF radio spectrum, uses the frequencies between 108 and 137 megahertz. A license is required to operate airband equipment.

Agreements allowing CAP stations to operate on non-CAP frequencies must be?

Agreements allowing CAP stations to operate on non-CAP frequencies must be from a licensed agency.

Can a satellite radio get gps signal?

No. The satellites used to distribute Sirius/XM "satellite" radio operate on frequencies assigned to Sirius/XM "satellite" radio. They don't operate on frequencies allocated to the GPS system.

Do radios use high or low frequencies?

Radios can use a range of frequencies, but they typically operate in the range of high frequencies, which are better for long-distance communication. AM broadcasts, for example, use lower frequencies, while FM broadcasts use higher frequencies.

Why N channel is better than P channel MOSFET?

N type current carriers (electrons) are more mobile than P type current carriers (holes), this allow the device to operate at higher frequencies (assuming all other characteristics of the two devices are identical). This same effect also makes NPN bipolar transistors able to operate at higher frequencies than PNP bipolar transistors.

What frequencies do radar detectors use?

Radar detectors don't "use" any frequencies. However they listen to certain frequencies known as bands(K, Ka, X, Ku). These bands are the frequencies allocated to radar guns to operate on.

What frequency do household remote control electronics operate on?

The frequency of remote controls for the television varies from brand to brand. The ones that do operate using radio frequencies though are all generally low frequencies. Most remote controls today operate using infrared light signals though.

H parameter operate in which frequency?

up to radio frequencies i.e 20-20kh

What are two types of cell phones used world wide and at what frequencies do they operate?

Nokia and samsung