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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What game requires 6 hoops and 2 posts set up on a ground around 35 yards by 28 yards?
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How to quickly remove fence posts?

The most simple way to remove fence posts stuck in the ground is to dig around the post, taking out the pressure of the ground around it. Good luck to you!

Can a post Pounder drive posts through solid ground?

A post Pounder can in fact drive posts through solid ground. It would work great for putting a fence into your property even if the ground is frozen solid.

What type of cement should you use to put posts into the ground?

ppc cement

How far apart are the two posts of a field goal?

The goal posts @ Collegiate and Professional levels are 18'6" (eighteen feet & six inches) apart, supended by a crossbar which is 10' (ten feet) off the ground. The uprights (the two posts) extend 30' (thirty feet) into the air, making for a total height of the goal posts of 40' (forty feet) off the ground in total.

What is the gap between the goal posts in a rugby union?

Rugby field dimensions include the posts - 5.6 metres wide. The top edge of the cross bar is 3.0 metres from the ground. The minimum height of the posts is 3.4 metres.

What is a pier in a bridge?

A pier refers to the 'posts' or 'towers' that support the bridge and go down to the ground.

What height is the rugby posts?

Laws state the posts shall be no less than 3.4 meters from ground level and the cross bar shall be 3 meters from the ground. How ever the nights of each upright are usually well above 3.4 meters

Is it okay to pour concrete around wooden deck posts?


What is the size of the goal in Gaelic football?

The posts are 6.5m apart, with a height of not less than 7m above ground level. A cross bar is fixed to the goal posts at a height of 2.5m.

Is there a rank after maniac in the Lego MB's?

We don't know, unless someone posts enough.We think it is around 24,000 posts, but we can not be sure.

What is a rugby try?

To score a rugby try a player must place the ball on the ground on or over the try line. Or on the ground immediately adjacent to the goal posts.

What is the strong or strongest part of a fence?

The strong or strongest part of a fence line are its posts. Posts are generally placed partly into the ground for permanent fencing. Posts provide structure for the entire fence, whether using slats or chain-link in between the posts. Even wood panels used instead of slats are typically weaker than the posts they are attached to in the fence line.

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