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a pencil

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Q: What gets smaller when ideas grow?
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What gets smaller as ideas grow?

a pencil

What is the factor that makes computer grow smaller?

The CPU of the unit is smaller, so the computer gets smaller with it.

Why does your pupils get smaller then it gets bigger repeatedly?

When it gets dark, your pupils grow big. When the light is on, your pupils grow smaller. Why this answer? Here's a good explanation. It all depends on light and how much of it there is.

How will you make the stick shorter?

Either, as you grow, the stick gets smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller until it looks like a twig to you, ORyou can slice it in half...

After the half-moon phase the moon's lighted side appears to grow smaller every night or begins to what?

When the moon appears to grow smaller, we say it "wanes". Conversely, when it gets bigger, we say it "waxes".

How big do comfort retrievers grow?

There are 2 basic size classes. The larger size gets to be about 45 lbs. The smaller size gets to be about 20 lbs.

What is the size of inertia when mass gets smaller?

When masss gets smaller inertia also gets smaller.

Where does Justin Bieber gets his ideas from?

Justin bieber gets his ideas from................ME!

What happens to a line when the slope is a smaller and smaller?

As the slope gets smaller and smaller the line gets flatter and flatter (or more horizontal).

What gets louder as it gets smaller?

A frog?

Where does judy blum get ideas for her books?

she gets her ideas from books

Why does a star's gravity increase when it gets smaller?

no a stars gravity decreases as its size gets Smaller.