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The arrival of Europeans in America had both negative and positive impacts on the natives. Negative impacts included enslavement, forced displacement, loss of land, and introduction of diseases. Positive impacts included new technologies, introduction of crops and animals, and access to trade networks. However, the overall impact was largely negative, as the native populations experienced significant loss of life, culture, and sovereignty.

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Q: What had both negative and positive impacts on the natives of America?
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Does cultural interaction have a more positive or negative affect?

negative because all the natives died

Was the age of exploration more positive or negative?

Negitive, because explorers killed and raped Natives and told all their kids at home saying, 'we found America' when they did not!

What are some impacts of a drought in Florida?

Some impacts would be on florida natives is that we might die of thirst because it is very hot

Why did the natives to come to America?

they were born in america

How did the exploration and conquest of the Americas affect Europe?

Europeans had an extremely large impact on Native Americans, both in positive and negative ways. Negative ways are the most widely known and form the majority. Many Natives were killed either directly (through combat) or indirectly (through diseases). Their land was taken away from them and many of them were slaves or plantation workers. Most of them were also relocated across the Americas as well. All this has led to the incredible decline in the Native American population, which is why they are actually considered to be somewhat 'endangered'. Positive ways can also be found, however. Native Americans lived in tribes and these tribes had both allies and enemies. When Europeans came, not all were mean. The Spanish were destructive against the Natives, the French were friends with the Natives, and the British were just intermediate. The Europeans traded with the Natives and exposes the Natives to weapons, for example. This allowed the Natives to fight their enemies more destructively. Despite war being a terrible thing, this is actually considered a positive impact because it modernized the Natives. Also hidden in the previous statement was another positive impact: trade.

Who were the pilgrims friends in America?

the natives

What are the positive and negative results of Christopher Columbus' voyages?

there were many good and bad effects of Columbus's voyage one positive point was that this voyage lead to the Renaissance which means the rebirth of learning art and culture. one negative point was that Columbus and his crew treated the Arawaks (natives) like servants an gay d if they did not do as told they were tortured and even killed.

What are some stereotypes of the Indian natives in South America?

All Indian natives have darker skined colour

What were the negative and positive impacts the English had on the amerindians?

The aspects of English/Native interactions were mostly negative. The positive aspects would center around the points that new crops, and animals were brought to the colonies - new medicines as well. On the negative aspect disease (which wiped out most native people due to a lack of immunity to the diseases), alcohol ( native people had no tolerance for alcohol as it was not part of their diet), and the need to overwhelm and claim the land for the Europeans, therefore removing the native people, were the most troublesome points of the exchange. Weapons were not discussed due to the fact that while they improved hunting and protective opportunities for the Natives, they also improved the possibilities for death and wounding of the people.

Where in the US do chickens come from?

Chickens actually originate from the jungles of south America. They were first brought over to America by the natives. Chickens actually originate from the jungles of south America. They were first brought over to America by the natives.

What are positive and negative things that come out of Jacques cartier travels?

Positive: He discovered Mont Royal Present day Montreal Canada and Natives were living there, close to where McGill University is today. Negative: It is believed that he was indirectly responsible for the extinction of all the native People of the St Lawrence ( Montreal) due to exposure to Europeans.

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