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The answer depends on how many negative integers you divide by.

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Q: What happen when you divided a positive by a negative integers?
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What are karma?

negative or positive stuff that happen to you

What happen when you divide negative and positive number?

When you divide or multiply positive and negative numbers, you first do the division or multiplication as normal. The next step is to assess whether or not the answer will be negative or positive. If the two numbers of the question were the same (negative and negative or positive and positive) then the answer will be positive. If the two numbers in the question were different (one negative and one positive) then the answer will be negative. Thus, if you divide a negative number by a positive number, the result will be the same as normal division, but the answer will be negative.

What happen when you multiply two positive integers?

you get an positive answer ex +2 multiply +2= 4

What will happen if negative is multiplied by negative?

The word "negative" really means opposite so you get a positive.

What happen during positive cycle and negative cycle?

as direction of current reverses it is shown in form of positive and negative cycles

What happen if you have a negative number and you square it?

The square will be positive.

Can 2 Rh negative parents have a positive child?

No, it can't happen. if one of the parents or both are +, the child will be Positive. I don't know if 2 negatives can have a positive. But i do know that if one of the parents is positive and the other is negative, you can have a either a positive or negative child. (I have twins, one is negative and the other is positive.)

Can an AB negative father parent an A positive child?

Yes, an AB negative father can parent an A positive child. However, in order for this to happen the mother would need to be positive.

What will happen if the positive terminal is ahead to the negative terminal?

it will short circuite

What will happen if electrons flow from positive to negative?

It wouldn't happen. Negatives go to positives and vice versa.

What can happen if you connect battery terminals positive to negative and negative to positive to a 1995 Maxima?

On any car, switching the battery hookups will most likely fry your battery.

Can a oh positive and a mother that is ab negative have a child that is negative?

If O and positive are both dominant traits than it is possible, but only approximately 25% likely to happen.

What could happen if you are charging your battery and put the negative on the positive and positive on the negative?

It could explode, getting battery acid all over you and anyone else nearby.

What time does lightning and thunder happen?

When negative and positive come to gether in the clouds.

What happen when you subtract a positive number from a negative number?

the number gets lower

Does magnetism happen when positive and negative charges are not in balance?

I think that magnetism does not have balence

What can happen if you connect battery terminals positive to negative and negative to positive to a 1999 Honda odssey?

It may destroy the battery or it may just blow the main fuse or it may do other damage. No way of knowing for sure what will happen.

If a father has o negative blood and the mother has o positive blood what will happen to the fetus?

If the fetus is O positive, there will be no problem. If the fetus is O negative and is the first O negative baby, nothing will happen to it, but the subsequent O negative fetuses will be miscarried unless the mother takes some special injections during this pregnancy.

Why does separation happen?

separation happens because when two things mix together and are negative and negative or positive and positive then they don't like each other and they don't mix well together

What would happen if a negative and a positive charge were to approach each other?

probably a spark

What are positive sanctions?

Sanctions are penalties that people are dealt if they disobey the law. Positive sanctions can refer to something positive that will happen, rather than a negative penalty.

Could two Rh negative parents have an Rh positive child?

No, this can't happen, because for positive to come at least one of the parents should be positive.

Can 1 parent with b positive and O positive have a child with O negative?

Yes, this may happen but with a very low percentage.

What will happen to the slope of a line if the line is shifted so that the y intercept increases and the x intercept remains the same?

The answer depends on the signs of the original intercepts.x negative, y negative: negative slope becomes less negative and could go positive.x negative, y positive: positive slope becomes greater.x positive, y negative: positive slope becomes less positive and could go negative.x positive, y positive: negative slope becomes more negative.For 1 and 3, the slope changes sign when the y intercept crosses the origin.

What is the moral of The Secret Garden?

we should never have a negative attitude towards life as having a negative attitude helps in gaining success in life. our luck depends up our thoughts. if we think negative,negative things will happen with us but if we think positive everything will be positive in our life