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Velocity = Frequency * Wavelength. If the wavelength increases and the frequency stays the same, then the speed of the wave will increase.

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Q: What happenes to the wave speed as the wavelength increased?
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How would the wavelength of a wave change if the speed of the wave increased but not the frequency?

The wavelength would increase by the same proportion.

What is the equation for finding the wavelength of a wave?

wavelength = (wave speed) / (frequency) frequency = (wave speed) / (wavelength) Wave speed = (wavelength) x (frequency)

What happens to the frequency of a wave when the wavelength is decrased and why?

The freequency of a wave is increased when the wavelength is decreased. This is because the product of the frequency and the wavelength are a constant that determines the speed of the wave c=fw.

How does changing the wavelength affect the speed of a wave?

The universal wave equation states that v = fλ, therefore wavelength is directly related to the speed of the wave. That means that if the frequency is increased, the speed is also increased and vice versa, as long as frequency is kept constant.

How does frequencey relate to wavelength?

Frequency = (wave speed) divided by (wavelength)Wavelength = (wave speed) divided by (frequency)Wave speed = (frequency) multiplied by (wavelength)

How does the wavelength of a light wave change if the frequency in increased by a factor of 3 Assume the speed of the wave remains unchanged?


How does wave speed relate to wavelength and period?

Wave speed = (wavelength)/(period)

What is the correlation between wavelengths and frequency?

Wavelength = wave speed/frequency Frequency = wave speed/wavelength (Wavelength) x (Frequency) = Wave speed

How does the wave equation relate a wave's speed to its wavelength?

A wave's speed is equal to its wavelength times its frequency.

Does the amplitude affect on the wavelength or wave speed?

Wavelength, wave speed is determined by the medium.

What is the relationship between wave speed and wavelength?

(frequency) multiplied by (wavelength) = (wave speed)

What happens to wavelength if the frequencyis increased?

As the frequency goes up, the wavelength decreases. Their product is always the same number . . . the wave's speed.

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