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Nothing happens. A person sitting next to you won't know that you did anything to

your circle. But you'll have a bigger circle. The radius will be double the originasl radius.

The circumference will be double the original circumference. The area will be four times

the original area.

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Q: What happens if double the diameter?
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What happens if you double the diameter of a circle?

You get 2 circles of diameter. If you were trying to find a perimeter, Never double the diameter. If you have a radius, You have to double it to get a perimeter.

What happens to the circumference of a circle if you double the diameter?

As circumference = π x diameter and π is constant (≈ 3.14159), doubling the diameter will double the circumference.

If the circumference of a circle is doubled what happens to the diameter?

If you double the circumference. the diameter like wise would double.

What happens to a circle if you double the diameter?

It'll more than likely double the circumference, too. BOOM.

What happens to the area of a circle if yo double the radius?

Nothing - if you double the radius you will get the diameter. The area of the circle will remain the same

What happens to the cross-sectional area of metal wire if you double the diameter?

If the diameter doubles (x2), the cross-sectional area quadruples (x4).

What happens to the volume of a cylinder if the height is double and the diameter of the base is not changed?

It doubles The volume of a cylinder height times diameter squared times 3.14

What happens to the area of the circle when the diameter is doubled?

As the area of a circle A equals pi times the radius squared, and doubling the diameter means multiplying the radius by four, the area is multiplied by 16 when you double the diameter.

What is the Diameter of mm radius?

The diameter is double the radius.

Which is shorter radius or diameter?

Diameter = exactly double the radius, so the diameter is always longer.

What is the diameter of a circle when the radius is 8?

Diameter = double the radius = 16

How can you use radius to find the diameter?

you double the radius to find the diameter.

How do you work out the diameter?

double the radius

Is diameter double the radius?

Yes it is!

How does the circumference of a circle change if you double its diameter?

Since the equation for circumference is pi*d then if you double the diameter the circumference will be doubled.

Is the radius the double of the diameter?

It is the other way around. The radius is half the diameter.

What is the diameter of a circle if the radius is 2cm?

The radius is double the diameter so 4cm.

What is the diameter of a circle with a radius of 2.52?

5.04. The diameter is always double the radius.

What happens to the diameter if the circumference is doubled?

The diameter of a circle is doubled if the circumference is doubled.

Write a c plus plus program that calculate area of the circle?

#include // 15 decimal places -- accurate enough for NASA!! const double pi {3.141592653589793}; double area_of_circle (double diameter) { return pi * diameter; } int main () { double diameter; std::cout > diameter; std::cout

If a circle's radius is 2.5 inches what is its diameter?

The diameter is double the radius of a circle. So you get 5 inches for the diameter.

What is the relation between radius and diameter?

Radius = 1/2 of the diameter. Diameter = 2 times (double) the radius.

If the radius of a circle is 5 cm what is its diameter?

10 cm (diameter is double the radius)

What is its diameter if the radius is 25559?

The diameter is double (two times) the radius, no matter what the radius is.

What is the synonym of diameter?

Width, breadth, or double radius are words. Those mean diameter.