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You stay in the same grade

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What happens if you fail the staar test in 6th grade?

I was told that if u fail both of the math and reading staar test in 6th grade, then they will take away one your electives for 7th grade.

What happens if you fail the staar test for 8th grade?

I heard you don't get to graduate to the next grade but I don't think that's true..

If a 4th grader fails the STAAR tests will he be able to move on to the next grade?

If you fail the STAAR tests, you will not proceed to the next grade.

What happens if you fail ROTC classes?

If you fail ROTC classes, you do not get to be an officer in that particular unit of the military. You also get a failing grade on your overall grade point average.

What if you fell 4 classes in 9 grade?

If you fail 4 classes you will still be classified as a 9th grader.

What happens if you don't come to school?

you will fail the grade that you are in

What Happens If You Fail 8th Grade History?

you die

Are you going to fail 6th grade if you got 4 f's 1 c and 2 d's?

Yes you will fail 6th grade because your failing over half of your classes

What happens if you fail to attend classes in a semester?

For the most part, you won't get taught what you are supposed to know and hence won't know how to pass your exams. Some courses also require that you attend some, certain of or all of the classes they have, otherwise you can receive grade penalties (whether by missing out on marks or because they detract from your final grade) or even an automatic fail.

Can I fail My Fifth grade class if i fail my ela and my math class?

yes those are the two most important classes in the usa.

Why should students who fail their classes retain and have to repeat a grade?

so they can improve and practice more if they are struggling in their work and if they are repeating their grade

What happens if you fail the Geometry Honors EOC test?

what happens is that it counts as 30% of your grade and it will bring your grade down majorly. If you have an A in the class and bomb the EOC your grade might go down to a C, if lower than an A you might fail the class

What happens if you fail classes in school in New York?

You don't move to Florida.

how much classes can u fail to pass grade?

In Canada where I'm from all high school students must pass all their classes to enter the next grade or graduate, if one class is failed you will still go to graduation, but will have to take that class over again, Most likely you will only go for 1 semester.

How many classes do you need to fail in 10th grade to flunk?

Depends on your school, but 2 or 3 should do it.

What happens if you fail school?

If you fail school you will have to go to summer school to make up your grade, and if you don't you will get held back.

What happens if you fail to complete your court ordered anger management classes?

jail time

What happens if you fail a middle school elective?

Nothing, it actually is completely irrelevant.

What happens if you fail classes in high school in New York?

You don't move to Florida to go to another high school to pass classes there.

If you failed two classes during 11th grade can you still pass to the 12th grade?

All schools are different. In my high school, I remember if you fail 2 you do NOT pass

Do you have to pass the seventh grade math TAKS?

NO you do not have to pass the 7th grade task. but you need to pass all of your classes in order to move on. at the end of the year your grades will be averaged and if you fail TWO you will go to summer school and retake the task and if you fail it that time you will repeat the 7th grade.

Can you fail grade 7?

---- You could fail grade 7. I think you have to get more then 50% to pass.

Did anybody from mindless behavior fail a grade?

No they didn`t fail a grade!

What happens if you fail two marking period could you still pass ninth grade?

If you fail two marking periods, you probably will not pass to the 9th grade. It is very important to have good grades while in school.

Can you fail seventh grade?

Yes, you can fail 7th grade just like every other grade in school.