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The world as we know it ceases to exist as the space-time continuum folds in on itself.


Nothing happens. Division by zero is undefined. Any fraction with zero as a denominator is meaningless.

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Q: What happens when a fraction Is over 0?
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Is 0 a fraction?

Of course 0 is not a fraction, when it is over 0 it is a whole number.

What happens when you divide a fraction by a fraction?

Provided the second fraction is not 0, you simply get another fraction.

What is a fraction of 0 over 3 equal?

0 over 3 is equal to 0.

Can a fraction be 1 over 0?


What is 0 over 43 in fraction form?


Is it a proper fraction if it is 0 over 5 if 0 over 5?

Yes, but it is not reduced. It reduces to 0.

What is a fraction of 3 over 0?


What happens to the fraction if the denominator of a negative fraction increases?

The fraction becomes less negative. It remains a negative fraction but moves nearer to 0.

If 0 over 4 is not a fraction is 0 a part of a whole?


What is the fraction 0 over 2 simplified?

0 over 2 equals to 0 divided by 2. Therefore, the answer is zero.

What happens if a fraction has a denominator of 0?

The answer would be "undefined" as there is no way to divide a number by zero (0).

What happens to a fraction that has the denomenator of 0 and numerator of 4?

The answer is "not a real number"

What fraction is closer to 0?

1 over infinity

Is 0 over 12 a fraction?

Of coarse yes

What is the value of the fraction 0 over 8?


What is a fraction 0 over 6 equal?


What is 0 over 2?

0. If zero is in any part of a fraction, its zero.

Is there a such fraction as zero over ten?

0/10 = 0. It is 10/0 which is mathematically undefined.

What is the fraction 9 over 15 minus 9 over 15?

The answer is 0.

What is 9 and 0 over 6 as a improper fraction?

It is 54/6, but this fraction simplifies to 9.

What happens to the size of an integer when it is divided by a fraction between 0 and 1?

It increases.

What is the fraction 3 over 5 equivalent to?

6 over 10 or 0 over 6

What does the fraction 5 over 0 become?

Infinity... 5 over 0 will be represented as 5/0 Any number divided by 0 results in infinity

When will a fraction be equal to 0?

0 over any number except 0. eg 0/1, 0/2, 0/6723984

What kind of fraction is 0 over 0?

It cannot be defined what any number divided by zero is, even zero. Any fraction (x/0) is simply called "undefined."