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you get a positive.

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Q: What happens when you divide two negatives?
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What is the answer if you divide two negatives?

The answer is positive.

What happens when you divide two negative numbers?

GenelleBabee: it becomes a positive because when you multiply two negatives it becomes a positive, & it's the same thing with division.

When you divide two negative integers do you a positive?

Yes. The negatives cancel out.

Does two negatives equal one positive?

Only if you multiply or divide them.

What do two negatives equal two?

When combining (adding) two negatives you get a negative. When multiplying two negatives you will get a positive.

If you add a negative and a negative what do you get?

Adding negatives? You get a negative. But if you multiply/divide 2 negatives, that's a positive.

When dividing two negatives does it equal a positive?

Actually it does, whenever you mulitply and divide two negative and two positive numbers they always equal a positive number. When you multiply and divide a negative and positive they always equal a negative number.

What happens when two negatives are next to each other?

If you add two negative numbers, the result is negative.If you multiply two negative numbers, the result is positive.

What happens when you divide by two?

you get a smaller number!

Two negatives equal what?

It is said that two negatives equal a positive when multiplying them with coefficients.

When do two negatives make a positive?

Two negatives make a positive in multiplication and division

Do two negatives make a positive?

Yes two negatives do make a positive if you multiply.

What will you get if you divide two negative number?

A positive because two negatives cancel each other out to create a positive. Example: -40/-10= 4

What happens if you have two modes?

you add the modes that you have found together and then divide that by two

What number of negatives do you have to multiply or divide to get a positive answer?

Any even number

In algebra is there a rule that states multipling two negatives or adding two negatives equals a positive?

yes !

What is -5 divided by -2?


What happens when you get two numbers in the median?

you add them together and divide them by 2

What happens if you divide the diameter of a circle by two?

It will result to the circle's radius.

Does two negatives equal a positive?

Multiplying and dividing two negatives does equal a positive. Adding two negatives equals a negative, but subtracting two negatives may or may not equal a positive. Ex. -2 * -4 = 8 -10/-2 = 5 -2+ -4 = -6 -4- -2 = -2 -2- -4 = 2

When you have two negatives do you add or subtract?

When you have two negatives, you add the magnitudes, but since, you have both negatives, the direction of the resultant magnitude is along the negative direction, so you add the magnitude and put the negative sign.

What happens when two negatives clash?

Become double negative.It is true in mathematics and in nature. eg- (-2)+ (-2)= -4

Is two negatives and a positive a positive?


What is the result of two negatives?

A positive.

Do two negatives make an affirmative in English?

Well it depends on what the negatives are for example if it is "no I didn't" then that statement is still negative but if it is something like "no I never" then 1. That is incorrect grammar 2. that is a positive statement as the two negatives will cancel out.