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Q: What happens when you push your hands against a wall for 30 seconds?
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What happens when two fronts push against each other?

a tornado

What happens when tetctonic plates push against each other?

they make mountains, like the Himalayas.

What happens when you push in a poker hand?

"Push" means there is a tie. In that case the pot is split or "chopped" amongst the winning hands. "Push" can also mean to go "all in", in which case the bettor is putting all of his chips/money in the pot as his bet.

What is folding of tectonic plates?

It's what happens when two tectonic plates come together and push against each other. Like what happens when you take two pieces of paper, push them together, and see them come up like mountains

What happens to pressure when the area deceases but the force stays the same?

Pressure is defined as the force per area P = F/A. Therefore, the pressure will increase if you decrease the area. Think of what happens if you push a hammer against your skin compared to if you push a knife against your skin with the same force. Which one has the smallest area? ;)

What happens to an aerosol can when put on a fire?

The gases will begin to spread out and push against the can walls causing an increase in pressure. This will lead to the can to explode.

What actors and actresses appeared in Push Hands - 2004?

The cast of Push Hands - 2004 includes: Mark Butler as Boy Sam Li as Man

How can mountains form?

lay a piece of paper flat on a table. place your hands on both ends of the paper then push them together. the paper raises up in the middle, much like mountains do when tectonic plates push against each other.

What is the different between push and pull?

When you "PUSH" then you are going against "Gravitational Force" but when you are "PULLING" then you are going against force.

Exercise that causes the muscles to push against a force heavier than they normally push against can develop what?

Flexibility ??

How do you do good handstands?

practice against a wall, get the posture down then try it somewhere soft.. like.. grass..or a mat. incase you fall. to holed it control it through your hands, if you feel as if your falling backwards (as if you were going to fall onto your back) push on the palms of your hands more and if your coming back down (the way you came up) push more with your fingers and finger tips, and push up through your shoulders and keep tight.

How easy is push ups?

A push up is a way of strengthen your upper body as you us your arm and hands.