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If you multiply integers the results is an integer.

If you divide integers (with one exception) the result is a rational number which, in some cases, may be an integer. However, the exception is that division by 0 is not defined.

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Q: What happens with the numbers when you multiply and divide integers?
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Related questions

What happens when you add sutract multiply and divide integers?

When you add, subtract, or multiply integers, you get integers. When you divide one integer by another one, you may or may not get an integer.

How do you multiply and divide integer?

Exactly in the same way that you would multiply and divide whole numbers which is another name for integers

If you divide a negative number by a negative number will you get a positive number?

You will end up with a positive number. With integers, if you multiply or divide an even amount of negative numbers, the answer will be positive and if you multiply or divide an odd amount, the answer will be negative.

What happens when you add subtract divide and multiply integers?

You arrive at a resultant, the resultant depends on the operation carried out.

Why is it important to know how multiply and divide integers?

why is it important to know how to multiply

What can you do with integers?

you can add subtract multiply and divide them.

What happens when you add subtract multiply and divide rational numbers?

If you add, subtract or multiply rational numbers, the result will be a rational number. It will also be so if you divide by a non-zero rational number. But division by zero is not defined.

What are the four operations on integers?

add, subtract, multiply, divide

How do you find the average between a group of integers?

Add them up. Divide their total by the number of integers there are.

Do two negative integers equal a positive?

Only when you divide or multiply.

What grouping symbols exponents multiply and divide add and subtract?


What is the definition of divide?

to divide numbers which is the opposite of multiply

What is the 2 factors of even numbers?

it is the integers of even numbers which divide all the even numbers

When you multiply or divide two integers how can you determine whether the answere will be a positive or negative?

If the two numbers that are being multiplied or divided have the SAME sign, the answer is positive, if they have DIFFERENT signs, the answer will be negative.

What is the process of changing smaller numbers to larger multiply or divide?


What is the rule when you are adding integers with the same sign?

integer multiply integer divide 360

How do you multiply consecutive numbers?

you divide and divide again then multiply then add then subtract then finally get the root

How do you divide three digits with with five numbers?

you multiply first then you divide

How do you multipy integers?

You multiply or divide integers just as you do whole numbers, except you must keep track of the signs. To multiply or divide signed integers, always multiply or divide the absolute values and use these rules to determine the sign of the answer.When you multiply two integers with the same signs, the result is always positive. Just multiply the absolute values and make the answer positive.Positive x positive = positiveNegative x negative = positiveWhen you multiply two integers with different signs, the result is always negative. Just multiply the absolute values and make the answer negative.Positive x negative = negativeNegative x positive = negative.

How many numbers will divide into 10?

Amongst counting numbers (positive integers) only 4.

To divide real numbers as fractions multiply by the of the divisor?

" ... multiply by the RECIPROCAL of the divisor.

How do you multiply millions?

The easiest way is to divide the numbers by a million than multiply the answer by a million. Remember that if you divide one number by a million than you have to divide all the other numbers by a million too other wise your answer will be incorrect.

How do you multiply and divide mixed numbers?

First convert them into improper fractions. And then to multiply multiply both the numerators and the denominators. To divide just take the reciprocal ofthe denomiator anjd then multiply them.

How do you find the ratio of the volume of a cube?

you multiply all numbers you see. If triangle you multiply all numbers then divide it by three

Does product mean multiply or divide?

The product of two or more numbers means to multiply them.