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Don't know. It cannot be a cone since that has two faces: one curved (curvered?) face and one flat (circular) face.

Alternatively, an infinite cone has only one curved face but then it has no edge.

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Q: What has 1 vertex one edge and one curvered face?
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How many faces edges and vertexs does a cone have?

one face one vertex and two circle edges * * * * * What kind of cone is that? It has 1 edge, 2 faces (one curved and one plane), and 1 vertex.

What is a shape with one face no edge no vertex?

How about a sphere as an example that fits the given description

What shape has one vertex and 1 edge?

A cone has one vertex and one edge.

How many faces and edges and vertices's does cine have?

If you mean a cone then it has a flat base face and a circular face with one edge and one vertex

What shape has one vertex one edge and one base?

A cone has one vertex, one edge, and one base.

What has 1 vertices edges 1 faces 1?

A teardrop-shape would have one vertex (the tip), one edge and one face

How many faces vertices and edges do cone has?

The shape that is commonly known as a cone has two faces, one vertex and one edge. Mathematically, however, the cone has infinite height and so has one [curved] face and one vertex.

What has 1 vertex 1 edge and 2 faces?

A cone - although a face is generally taken to be a plane surface, not a curved one.

What shape has one vertex and one edge?


What has one circular face and a curved surface that comes to a point called the vertex?

it is a three dimensional cone , the circle is the edge of the figure and the curved side is the body of the cone, the vertex is the point of the cone

What are special features on a cone?

a cone has 1 edge,1 vertex and 1 faces . Actually , people say that a cone has 2 faces because it has one CURVED face and one face at the bottom

One vertex one circular face and one curved face?

a cone