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A triangular prism.

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Q: What has 2 triangle faces and3 rectangle faces?
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How many faces does a triangle prism have?

There are 2 triangle base faces, and 3 rectangle faces. 5 total faces.

How many triangle faces are in a rectangle prism?


What shape has 3 rectangle faces and 2 triangle faces?

Triangular Prism

What figure has 2 triangle faces and 3 rectangle faces?

triangular-based prism

What solid has 2 trianglular faces and3 rectangular faces?

Triangular prism.

3 dimensional geometric shape with 2 triangle faces and 3 rectangle faces?

If the triangles are congruent then it is a triangular-based prism.

How many shapes of faces of a rectangular prism have?

2 shapes, a triangle, and a rectangle.since it is a prism, it is like a pyramid, 4 of the faces are triangles,but the base is a rectangle, hence the name rectangularprismtherefore, 2 shapes

How is a pyramid and a cuboid different?

A pyramid is usually a 4 sided figure but a cuboid is not. Also, the 4 sided pyramid all the faces are triangle but the cuboid has 2 square faces and 4 rectangle faces

How many faces does rectangle have?


What three polygons are on the flag of the Bahamas?

1 triangle 1 pentagon and 2 trapezoids

What is the relationship between the area of a triangle and a rectangle?

The relationship between the area of a triangle and a rectangle is a Triangle is base times height divided by 2. Area of a rectangle is length times height.

What is the measure of the base of the rectangle if the area of the triangle is 32 ft 2?

The answer will depend on the relationship - if any - between the rectangle and the triangle.

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