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Q: What has a higher Bulk Density 5 gal bucket of sand or percent gallon bucket of clay?
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What weighs more a gallon of water or a gallon of gravy?

A gallon of gravy weighs more than a gallon of water, due to the fact it has a higher density.

If a bag of 3 percent salt water is placed into a bucket of 0.3 percent salt water then the solution in the bucket is what compared to the solution in the bag?

The salt solution in the bucket is 10% of the salt solution in the bag. The bagged solution has a higher density than the bucket solution; therefore, the bagged solution will most likely fall to the bottom of the bucket as the bucket water is displaced above it -- assuming there is no air in the bag, the density of the bag material is negligible, and the salt is fully dissolved in the water. Details: = The solution in the bucket is 0.3% while the solution is the bag is 3%. Thus, the solution in the bucket has less concentration of salt than the solution in the bag. Hence, the solution in the bucket is hypotonic to the solution in the bag.

Does air density increase if oxygen percent is increased?

Yes, it is true because the density of oxygen is higher than the density of nitrogen.

Does Water or Feathers have a higher density?

Wter has a higher density.

What has a higher density solid liquid or gas?

Solids have a higher density.

What happens to density at higher altitudes?

The density of air decreases at higher altitudes.

What happens if an object of higher density is placed in water?

Higher than what ?? If the object's density is higher than the density of water, then the object sinks in the water.

How does the density of an object relate to its buoyancy in water?

The higher the density, the lower the buoyancy and the lower the density, the higher the buoyancy

How are density water and buoyancy related?

Higher the difference of water density to object density is higher buoyancy force.

How can two populations be the same size but have different densities?

Population density is the number of organisms in a certain amount of space (per ml/ per mile, etc). So for example, if you have a 5 gallon fish tank with 10 goldfish in it, and a 25 gallon fish tank with 10 goldfish in it, your population size is the same (n=10) but the 5 gallon fish tank has a higher density than the 25 gallon fish tank.

What does mean that plasticine has higher density value that water?

means that plasticine has higher density.

What is true about density and states of matter for most substances?

The density of solid state of matter is higher than the density of liquids and the density of liquids is higher than the density of gases.

Which liquid settles down ina mixture of liquids the higher density or lower density?

The liquid of higher density will settle to the bottom.

What has a higher density lower or higher masses?

i do not no

A cool region underneath cloud cover will have a region with no cloud cover and a higher what?

a higher pressure thana higher density thana higher pressure thanwill have a higher densitya higher air pressure thana higher density than

Does a solid have a high density?

yes it does because the higher the mass and volume are, the higher the density would be

How is the mass of an object is affected by its density?

for the same volume, the higher the object density the higher is its mass.

What do a teaspoon a fluid ounce and a pint have in common?

These are all types of liquid measurements. Liquid measurements differ from solid measurements in that the density of the liquid is not factored into the total volume, but is factored into the total weight in which that liquid occupies. Ex: One gallon of water has a specific density. However, a gallon of salt water weighs more than the gallon of water because the salt water has a higher density (i.e. more dense) than the gallon of salt water, although they have the same volume (one gallon). In case you are interested, the correlation of weight, density, and volume is given by the formula: Density = weight / volume. More correctly, it should read: Density = mass / volume, but the relationship between mass and weight is: Weight = mass * gravity, where gravity is a constant: 9.8 kg*(m/s2)

How does volume and mass affect density?

Density = Mass/VolumeHigher Density = higher mass, lower volume.Higher mass means a higher density.Higher volume means a lower density.Of course, this is mathematically speaking. Changing Mass in a realistic experiment is unlikely...and a volume change is usually only via a change of state. But those are the relationships.

Does higher density equal higher mass?

No. A stone has much higher density than a styrofoam mattress, but much less mass.

Why does mass and volume affect density?

The density of a substance is its mass divided by its volume. So for the same volume the higher the mass, the higher the density.

Explain the relationship of density and pressure?

In terms of a gas, density and pressure have a proportional relationship. The higher the pressure of the gas, the higher the density. The lower the pressure of the gas, the lower the density.

Why does ice have a higher density than water?

Ice doesn't have a higher density than water, that is why it floats on top of water.

What physical force causes water of a higher density to sink below water of a lower density?

Water with a higher density weighs more. Gravity times mass (higher density of the same substance means bigger mass)

Why higher density air is better for combustion?

The higher the air density, the more oxygen available for combustion.