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Q: What has infinite length and width and is 2 dimensional?
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What has length width but no depth shape?

They are 2 dimensional shapes that only have length and width.

How do you best describe the perimeter of a two-dimensional figure?

2 * length + 2* width 2 * ( length + width )

How many ways is a square symmetrical?

3..for a 3 dimensional square like a cube ... length, width and height and 2 for a 2 dimensional square ...length and width

Can a cube be a parallelogram?

No, a parallelogram has only length and width (it's 2-dimensional) while a cube has length, width, and height (making it 3-dimensional).

What is a 2- dimensional figure?

A shape which has a length and a width, but no depth

What is a two demensional figures?

a two dimensional figure is flat. it only has length and width. three dimensional figures have length, width and height. A square is a 2 dimensional figure, but a cube is a 3 dimensional figure.

What figure is two dimensional and have infinite length?

There are two two-dimensional figure with an infinite length. They are rays, and lines.

Is an acre a 2 dimensional measurement?

No, an acre is a unit of area, which is a two-dimensional measurement that represents the area of a square plot of land that measures 208.71 feet on each side. It is commonly used in real estate and land measurement.

How do you define a 2 dimensional shape?

a shape that has a length and height, but no width.

What is the word for having length and width 2-dimensional figures?


Is a triangle one-dimensional?

No, 2-D. It has length and width but no thickness.

Figure with length and width but no depth is called?

Two dimensional