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Two dimensional

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2 dimention

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Q: Figure with length and width but no depth is called?
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What figure has a length and width and no depth?

A plane figure.

What is a 2- dimensional figure?

A shape which has a length and a width, but no depth

What makes a 3D figure three dimensional?

A 3D figure shows length, width and depth. While a 2D figure only shows length and width.

A figure that occupies part of space has length width and depth?


What is it called that is described as a flat surface with an infinite length and width but no depth?

A flat surface with an infinite length and width but no depth is called a plane.

Space figure has three dimentions namely?

The dimensions (not dimentions) may be called length, breadth (or width) and height (or depth).

What is the difference between a two-dimensional figure and a solid?

Solids have three dimensions.Two-dimensional figures have length and width, and you can use these to calculate the area.Three-dimensional figures (i.e., solids) have length, width, and depth, and you can use these to calculate the volume.

What are the parts of a three-dimensional geometric figure?

Length, Width, Height. Faces, Corners and sides.

Why is the circle a two dimensional figure?

A circle is two dimensional because the two dimensions are width and length. 3 dimensional would be width, length and depth but since you can just write it on paper, it has no depth.

Is the length or the width the depth of a cabinet?

The depth is neither the length nor width. Length is the measurement from top to bottom, width is from side to side, and depth is from front to back.

How do you find the mass of a rectangle using width length and depth?

You cannot since a rectangle is a two-dimensional figure. It has no depth, no volume, no mass.

What is the removed surface of a 3D figure that lays flat?

A 3D figure has length x width x depth. It becomes a 2D figure once the removed surface is laid flat, having then only length x width. Another name is "Plane Figure."