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Neither!!! They both have the same mass at 1 kg.

However, the feathers will occupy a greater volume.

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Q: What has more mass 1 kg of lead or 1 kg of feathers?
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What has more mass 10 kilograms of feathers or 6 kilograms of lead?

10 kg is greater than 6 kg. kg is the unit of mass. Hence feather has more mass than lead in this case.

Why is a kg of lead heavier than a kg of feathers and flour?

It is not. They have exactly the same mass and so must have the same weight.

Why does a kilogram of lead have a bigger density than a kilogram of feathers?

The density of a material is defined as its mass per unit volume. A given volume of lead has more mass than a given volume of feathers. In common usage mass often refers to weight, but that is not a very exact usage of it. For this question it may be useful however to think of a given weight of lead per volume and a given weight of feathers.If you have a kg of lead, that is a small piece, a kg of feathers is a large amount.So for a given volume, say a cubic centimeter, the weight of lead is much more than the weight of feathers.

Why would 1 kg of lead be less awkward to carry around than 1 kg of feathers?

Although they both weigh the same, the kg of feathers would be much more unwieldy, due to its volume. If the feathers were being carried in an open container, on a windy day, when you reached your destination, you would most likely have many less feathers than when you started!

Why does 1kg of lead be less awkward to carry around than 1kg of feathers?

lead is much more dense than feathers, so 1 kg of lead occupies much less space (volume) than 1 kg of feathers

Why does a kg of sand take up less space then a kg of feathers?

Because sand is a more dense substance than feathers - it has a larger mass-to-volume ratio.

Which is heavier in mass 1000 kg of feathers or 1000 kg of rocks?

Both objects has equal mass

What weighs more lead or water?

Water has a mass of 1000 kg per cubic metre. Lead has a mass of 11340 kg per cubic metre. So lead is heavier than water.

Which has more mass 1 kilogram of feathers or 1 kilogram of bricks?

Neither. They both have the same mass. "kg" is a measurement of mass. If you meant volume (the space taken up by the object), the feathers would have the greater volume.

Why would 1 kg of lead be less awkward to carry around that 1 kg of feathers?

Lead is denser than feathers, therefore it would be smaller for the same weight. (feathers may be safer in the long run due to health effects ;) )

What is the mass in Kg of 1 cubic meter of feathers?

907.18 kilograms.

Which has a larger mass one kilogram of gold or one kilogram of feathers?

Their mass is 1 kg.