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1 kilogram = 1000 grams and 1 gram = 1000 milligrams. You now have all the information required to work out, for yourself, the answer to this and similar questions.

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Q: What has more mass a 540 milligram rock or a 5 kilogram rock?
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Does a 2kg rock have twice the mass of a 1kg rock?

Yes. Kilogram is the unit of mass.

Under what conditions will a 030-kg marble and a 3.00-kg rock have the same gravitational potential energy other than zero?


The mass of a large rock could be measured in what?

Kilogram or ton.

A small rock weighs 1g. What is its weight in kilograms?

Gram and kilogram are units of mass, not of weight. Anyway, a kilogram is 1000 grams.

Which is heavier a kilogram of rocks or a kilogram of puffed rice?

They are both the same weight. Though the mass of the rock would be a lot less than the much greater mass of the puffed rice.

What has more mass 1 kilogram of rocks or 1 kilogram of marshmallows?

they weigh the same amount because a pound of mashmallows is the sames as a pound of rocks because 1 pound=1 pound They are both the same.

What has more mass a rock in earth or a rock on the moon?

a rock in earth

Does a 2 kilogram rock have twice the weight of a 1 kilogram rock?

of course not

Does a 2-kilogram rock have twice the inertia of a 1-kilogram rock?


What is the basic unit for measuring the mass of a rock?

Use grams as the base unit and depending on the size of the rock, grams or deckagrams for a pebble, a small rock hectograms for a rock, and kilograms for a little bigger rock (but still small). The point is to use grams as your base unit.

Which would have the greater mass - a rock with a volume of 1mL or a rock with a volume of 4mL?

The answer depnds on the density of each rock. If they are different denities thenthere is a chance that the 1mL rock may have more mass. If they have the same density then the 4mL rock will have more mass

Why does one kilogram of foam take up more space than one kilogram of rock?

rock is much more dense than foam. It's like a full bottle of coke weiging more than an empty bottle of coke.