What has more than one brain?

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The octopus has a main brain and then a smaller brain in each tentacle.

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Q: What has more than one brain?
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How can we use more than 10 of our brain?

You cannot. You have only one brain so you can use at most 1 of your brain!

What animal has more than one brain?

The octopus has a main brain and then a smaller brain in each tentacle.

Did the brontosaurus have two brains?

No vertebrates have more than one brain. That includes Brontosaurus, which only had one brain.

Does the brain use more than one quarter of the oxygen breathed by the human body?

Less than one quarter, about 20 %.

Does the heart weight more or less than the brain lungs or kidney?

brain wight is more than that of heart

Why do think that the brain is more important than the brain?


What did scientist learn by studying Albert Einstein's brain?

They found out that he had more folds in his brain, and therefore, he had a bigger and more developed brain than the average person. With more brains folds, he had more brain material than the typical person.

Is the big brain academy better than brain training?

Brain training has more exercises but big brain academy is more family friendly.

What percentage of the female brain is more active than the male brain?


What is the process in which certain cognitive functions are located more in one hemisphere of the brain than in the other?


Which brain is Larger Male or Female?

Overall there is no difference, but some parts of the male brain are bigger/more developed than those of the female brain, and some parts of the female brain are bigger/more developed than those of the male brain.

Does your skin weigh as much as your brain?

No, it weighs 2 times more than your brain.

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