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A rectangular prism has congruent bases and parallelograms as lateral surfaces.

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Q: What has parallel congruent bases and lateral surfaces that are parellelograms?
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What characteristic names a prism?

a prism is a polyhedron with two congruent faces, called bases, that lie in parallel planes. The other faces, called lateral faces, are parellelograms formed by connecting the corresponding vertices of the bases. the segments connecting the vertices are lateral edges. the altitude, or height, of a prism is the perpendicular distance between its bases.

What is a solid with lateral surfaces that are parallelograms and two parallel bases?

A Prism

What is a solid with two parallel bases that are congruent polygons and the lateral faces are parallelograms?

A prism.

What is thesolid figure with two congruent pentagonal faces 5rectangular lateral surfaces and 10 vertices?

It is a pentagonal prism

A three dimensional figure with two parallel and congruent bases connected by a curved lateral surface?


A 3D figure with two parallel congruent circular bases connected by a curved lateral surface?


What is the name given to a figure with two bases that are congruent parallel polygons and six lateral faces that are rectangles?

hexagonal prism

Why does a prism or a cylinder have a set of parallel cross sections that are parallelograms?

The bases of a prism or cylinder are congruent and parallel and they meet the lateral face (cynder) or faces (prism) at right angles. A cross section parallel to the longitudinal axis will, therefore, be a rectangle.

Does a pyramid have at least two congruent parallel bases?

Not true. They have only one base and several (3 or more) lateral triangular faces. A pyramid has a single vertex over a base - there are no parallel faces in any pyramid.

Are lateral edges of a prism congruent or perpendicular?


Characteristic of an oblique pyramid?

characteristics are: The lateral faces are triangles. it is three-dimensional. The lateral faces are not congruent.

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