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Q: What has six legs ten eyes three mouths and eighteen tongues?
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What do lizards and dogs have in common?

They both have tails, eyes, mouths, teeth, 4 legs and can hunt

What can you practice snogging?

its when a boy nd girl close there eyes and stick there tongues n each others mouths nd swirls nd den he fingers her whilst standing up

How can giraffes clean their eyes?

The answer is yes. Giraffes have very long tongues.

Did they cut out tongues in the Holocaust?

There are reports of tongues being cut out of dignitaries of the Eyes of Church. They also had their eyes poke out and some were buried alive. Many horrible punishments were done in concentration camps.

Are there any animals that have their mouths above their eyes?

NO there is no animal that have their mouth above their eyes

Who said Be careful of the guys that close their eyes when they open their mouths?

Alan Brunacini

Do crocodiles close their eyes when they open their mouths?

No. Crocodiles have muscles in their mouths that are extremely powerful, and designed to firmly. When submerging under water, they close their ear and nostril flaps. They have a third eyelid, called the nictitating membrane that protects their eyes underwater.

How was prince Royce family like?

They Have Faces , Mouths, Hands , Eyes , Hair, And Feet :D

What are the prairie dogs physical characteristics?

most have fur and noses and mouths and eyes and reproductive systems

Which animal can see even without eyes?

most snakes cant see very well or not at all with their eyes. They rely on their forked tongues to smell and sense things

Where did the expression fish out of water come from?

Their mouths lap open and their eyes freeze they jump about looking for the water.

How do dragonflies adapt to their environment?

Because they large eyes,strong wings,and thiere mouths are adapted for hunting.