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9 over 7 is greater because it equals whole and more.

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Q: What has the higher value nine over seven or nine percent?
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How do you write 22.603779 percent in words?

Twenty two point six zero three seven seven nine percent

How do your write 3.79 percent in words?

Three (point) seventy nine percent or Three (point) seven nine percent

How do you write 1.97 percent in word form?

One point nine seven percent.

What is eight percent of seven point ninety-nine?


Seven over nine as a fractional percent?

7/9 = 77.8%

What reliogins is in Iraq?

Nine seven percent of Iraq religion is Islam. Three percent of Iraq follows Christianity.

What is six and a half percent of seven ninety nine?

Please Imrove Your Question,Sorry.

How do you spell 2756.09?

The number value is "two thousand seven hundred fifty-six and nine hundredths." The US currency value is "two thousand seven hundred fifty-six dollars and nine cents."

How do you write out 909 percent?

Nine hundred nine percent.

How do you write out 9.9 percent?

Nine and nine tenths percent

What is 90.7 percent as a fraction?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 90.7 percent is equal to 907/1000 or nine hundred and seven thousandths.

What is reciprocal of seven over nine?

It is nine over seven.

When was Seven of Nine created?

Seven of Nine was created in 1997.

How do you write 99.90 percent in words?

Ninety-nine and nine tenths percent.

Why is six affraid of seven?

because seven ate nine (seven eight nine. get it?)

What is the value of nine in 1234567892?

what is the value of nine in 1,234,567,892

Why was eight afraid of nine?

Eight was afraid of nine because nine "ate/eight" seven, or afraid of seven because seven eight nine, more common

How do you show nine tenths of one percent as a decimal?

Nine tenths of one percent = 0.009

What is nine plus seven?

Nine (9) + Seven (7) = Sixteen (16).

What is seven and nine in afrikaans?

Seven: sewe Nine: nege

What is the value of negative 9?

negative nine is the value of negative nine

What percent of ten is nine?

Nine is 90% of 10.

How do you write 7.749 in words?

Seven point seven four nine or seven thousand seven hundred and forty-nine

How long is seven to nine minutes?

more or less between seven to nine minutes

How do you spell the number 2809.47?

The number 2809.47 is "two thousand eight hundred nine and forty-seven hundredths." The currency value $2809.47 is "two thousand eight hundred nine dollars and forty-seven cents."