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A fork, either used as a culinary utensil (knife, fork and spoon), or as a gardening tool (garden fork), or as a farming tool (pitch-fork).

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Q: What has two three or four prong set on the end of a handle?
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What can be used for eating and has three or four pongs at end of handle?

A fork or a spork (hybrid between a spoon and fork) usually have three to four prongs at one end and a slender handle on the other end.

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What does prong mean?

Prong is a point as the tine of a fork.Edited: each of two or more projecting pointed parts at the end of a fork. pierce or stab with a fork:pronged

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The word "prong" can be used as either a noun or a verb. As a noun, it is used to describe the projecting points at the end of a fork. As a verb, it means to stab or pierce with a fork.

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