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Q: What if a monkey ate one hundred bananas in five days each day eating six more than on the previous day how much did the monkey eat on the first day?
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What is a monkey use for?

Eating bananas

In the game Banana Monkey what appears after you eat a bunch of bananas?

After eating a bunch of bananas, you will level up and move on to the next round.

What is Monkey banana problem?

A monkey is in a room. Suspended from the ceiling is a bunch of bananas, beyond the monkey's reach. In the corner of the room is a box. How can the monkey get the bananas? The solution is that the monkey must push the box under the bananas, then stand on the box, and then grab the bananas. However, figuring this out requires a planning algorithm.

Who found bananas?

How about a monkey?

What animals favorite food is bananas?

Monkey's. They love bananas.

What do monkey see?

BANANAS the wild west

What is the food of monkey?

bananas, leaves

What do monkey eat in the jungle?


What food eaten by Monkey?

Bananas!! :)

Does the monkey eat bananas?


Does a monkey eat bananas?


Why is eating too many bananas bad for you?

no,bananas are the best. they help in eliminating dirty elements in the body.