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Q: What in your house is shaped as a cube?
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What shape is a cube is that right?

A cube is "cube" shaped like a square box.

What is a ice cube?

It is water frozen in a shaped like a cube.

What is a game cube?

a game cube is a box-shaped game console.

What shape is a cube?

Go on google and tipe in cube on images. The image that comes up is a cube.

Can a cube be slide?

A cube can be a slide by: a. If the net is opened and shaped as a slide. Peter

What bone is cube shaped?

The bones that are cube shaped are called short bones. Examples of short bones in the body would be tarsals and carpals.

What tissues consists of several layers of cube shaped cells?

Simple cuboidal is a single layer of cube-shaped cells.

If wombats pass cube-shaped feces are their rectums cube-shaped?

All three known species of wombat produce cube-shapes faeces, better known as scats, but this does not mean they have a cube-shaped rectum. It is more to do with the type of food eaten by wombats and its fairly slow metabolism. The purpose in having cube shaped scats is so that the wombat can better mark its territory. Wombats leave scats to mark their territory atop rocks and logs, and cube shaped scats are less likely to roll away from the wombat's territory.

Why is a regular shape shaped cubic?

A cube.

What has 6 faces that are rectangle shaped?

It can be a cube or a cuboid...

What is the symbol for Domino's Pizza?

a cube shaped dice

What are things in a classroom shaped like a cube?