What interval is A to E?

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Diminished fourth - enharmonic to major third.

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Q: What interval is A to E?
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What interval is b to e sharp?

The interval from B natural to E# is an augmented fourth

What interval is E to B?

It is a perfect 5th

What interval is B natural to E flat?

It is a diminished 4th.

What interval is e-flat to b?

E flat consists of 3 flats, B flat, E flat and A flat. E flat to B flat would be a perfect 5th interval as B flat is in E flat major, but because your question was E flat to B, B is a semitone up from B flat, this would mean the interval becomes a semitone larger, and a semitone larger from a perfect interval is augmented. Therefore, the answer to your question is an augmented 5th. Hope this helps :)

What interval is e flat to b?

E-flat up to B-natural is an augmented 5th.

What is the interval from an E flat to B natural?

augmented 5th, as e flat to b flat is a perfect 5th and b is a semitone above b flat, making the interval augmented

What interval is e sharp to a?

Diminished fourth - enharmonic to major third.

What is the difference between major and minor triads in music?

Major triads are made up of three notes; a major third interval followed by a minor third interval. An example of the C major triad is C E G. A minor triad has a minor third interval followed by a major third interval, such as C E Flat G.

What interval is a to e flat?

It is a minor 5th or more commonly called a tri-tone.

What is C sharp to E sharp?

The E sharp is the F note. The interval between C sharp and F (e sharp) in two whole steps.

What is the area bounded by the graph of the function fx equals 1 - e to the power of -x over the interval -1 2?

What is the area bounded by the graph of the function f(x)=1-e^-x over the interval [-1, 2]?

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