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One invention Archimedes invented is the Archimedes Screw. It's still used today to irrigate crops.

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Q: What inventions of Archimedes are still being used today?
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What inventions did Archimedes made that you use today?

ya mumma

Is the archimedes screw still used today?

Archimedes screws are still used today. On of the more common uses in today's society is in sewage treatment plants, because of the screw being able to handle varied fluid pressures as well as the more solid waste as well.

What did Archimedes invent to defend Syracuse?

Archimedes had several inventions to defend Syracuse, including walls that could shoot arrows. The most famous of these inventions was the Archimedes Claw; a device to lift attacking Roman warships out of the water. No one today has been able to figure out how this device worked.

What inventions by the Romans do you still use today?

Two Roman inventions that we still use today are concrete and an updated version of the taxi meter.

What research did Archimedes do and how do you use today?

Archimedes had his hand in many things, a lot of which are still applicable today. Check out the link below for everything you ever wanted to know about his research.

What English Victorian inventions are still used today?


What Tudor inventions are still used today?

because of cheese

What Roman inventions do you still use today?

Roman numerals

What are some inventions from ancient Athens that you still use today?


What inventions were invented in rome that are still used now?

Cement, glass, and sail boats are three inventions that originated in Rome and are still used today.

How do we use Archimedes' discoveries today?

People all around America still use Archimedes discoveries today. Like The snail screw we use that to raise and move water. Another discovery from Archimedes we use today is pi. We use pi to find the circumference for circles. Everyone should use the "Principles of Archimedes" because we use that to weigh objects.

Are Thomas Edison's inventions still used today?

Yes he ivented lightbulbs" and we still use them.

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