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Pi minus 2, Square root of 3, fourth root of 8, Natural Log of 7, e (base of natural logs), pi squared,.... There are an infinite number of them.

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Q: What irrational numbers are there except for pi?
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Related questions

Can irrational numbers be defined as numbers that are not ratios?

Yes - except that you need to specify ratios of INTEGERS. pi/2 is a ratio of pi and 2 but it is irrational.

What are some common irrational numbers?

The square root of any integer (except for a perfect square) is an irrational number. Other well-known irrational numbers are pi = 3.14159265... and e = 2.71828...

Is pie a rational or irrational?

The number pi, which is approximately 3.14159265..., is an irrational number.

What are the factors and prime factors of pi?

Pi is irrational. Irrational numbers, by definition, have no factors.

Can the quotient of any two irrational numbers be irrational?

It can. pi / sqrt(5) = an irrational number. However, it doesn't have to be: pi / pi = 1.

Is 10x 3.14 irrational?

The product of two rational numbers, as in this example, is always RATIONAL.However, if you mean 10 x pi, pi is irrational; the product of a rational and an irrational number is ALWAYS IRRATIONAL, except for the special case in which the rational number is zero.

Is ฯ€ a rational or irrational numbers?

Pi is irrational. Rational numbers are numbers that can be written as a fraction. Irrational numbers cannot be expressed as a fraction.

What is pi to the last digit?

There is no "last digit" of pi. Pi is irrational. Irrational numbers go in forever; like infinity

What numbers can be irrational?

pi, in the mathematical term.

Is pi divided by two irrational?

Yes. Except that it is pi, not pie.

Can the quotient of two irrational numbers be rational?

Yes. 2*pi is irrational, pi is irrational, but their quotient is 2pi/pi = 2: not only rational, but integer.

Are all irrational numbers radical?

No they are not. The numbers Pi and e are irrational and are not radicals. There are many others.

What is pi an example of what kind of numbers?

Pi belongs to the sets of real numbers, transcendental numbers and irrational numbers.

What is all of the numbers in pi?

They are infinite because pi is an irrational number

Will the sum of two irrational numbers always be rational?

Consider pi and 4 - pi. 4 - pi + pi = 4, which is clearly rational. However, both pi and 4 - pi are irrational, as you can verify. plz to be lerning numburs Then consider pi + pi = 2pi, which is clearly irrational. The sum of two irrational numbers, therefore, may or may not be rational.

Can you subtract two irrational numbers and get an irrational number?

Yes. pi - sqrt(2) is irrational.

Give an example of two irrational numbers whose product is not irrational?

(pi) x (1/pi) = 1

Are there any even irrational numbers?

2*Pi is an even irrational number.

Is 1.68 irrational?

no. irrational numbers are square roots of numbers that aren't square, pi, and some other numbers. irrational means it never ends.

Why are irrational numbers called surds?

Irrational number are NOT called surds. For example, pi is irrational but it is not a surd.Surds are a very small subset of irrational numbers.

How much numbers do pi have?

Pi is an irrational number, meaning it never ends.

Are irrational numbers closed under subtraction?

No, they are not. An irrational number subtracted from itself will give 0, which is rational.

What is an irrational number but not an integer?

No irrational numbers are integers. Pi is one example.

Every real number is an irrational number?

No; most real numbers are rational, actually, except for some, most famously 'pi'.

Is the quotient of two irrational numbers rational?

In general, no. It is possible though. (2pi)/pi is rational. pi2/pi is irrational. The ratio of two rationals numbers is always rational and the ratio of a rational and an irrational is always irrational.