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2/3 of 66 = 44

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Q: What is2 thirds of sixtey six?
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How is two thirds of six nine?

Two-thirds of six is not nine. Rather, two-thirds of six is four. You can find this by realizing that two-thirds of six is the same as six-thirds of two. This equates to two times two, which is four.

What is six dived by two thirds?

what is six divided by four thirds

What is four and six thirds times six and two thirds?


What is2 multiplied by 3?

[object Object]

What is sixtey six over four hunerd eighty four in simplest form?

66/484 = 33/242 = 3/22

What is fifty times sixtey?


How many thirds are in six and two thirds?

20 of them.

What is two thirds of six pounds in fraction?

Two thirds of six pounds is four pounds !

What is six minus two thirds?

or 5 and one third

What is an equivalent fraction for six an two thirds?

20 thirds

Is one half bigger than one half six thirds?

no, half of six thirds is 3 thirds also known as one. stupid

How do you turn six and ywo thirds into a fraction?

Spell it correctly so that it reads six and two thirds.

Is two thirds and six tenths the same?

No, but two thirds and six ninths are equivalent fractions. six tenths is equivalent to three fifths.

What is two thirds of sixty-six?


What is equivalent to two thirds?

six ninths is equivalent to two thirds

How do you say sixtey in Korean?

60 in Korean is 육십

What is six and two thirds divided by seven eighths?

Six and two thirds divided by seven eighths = 713/21

How do you work out how many thirds are in the whole number 2?

If there are three thirds in one, there must be six thirds in two.

How many thirds are in 2?


What is six thirds as a decimal?


What is two thirds of six?


What is forty five divided by three hundred and sixtey?


What is three and two thirds plus two and two thirds?

5 and four-thirds, ie six and one-third.

Does two thirds equal to seven ninths?

No. Two-Thirds equals Six-Ninths

What is 2 and two thirds plus 3 and two thirds?

Six and one third