What is -a(3 a) equall too?

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A communist would be a member of the communist party...or serving them. Communists "generally" believe in the importance of society (the state) first, individuals second (not the individual person).

Here's a fairly good actual example of how communism might work, an example that the common free person might be able to relate too; and this was televised on the news some years ago in America.

"A person or some persons had either just drowned in the ocean or had to be rescued, just off the beach, during a storm. The newsperson asked the US Coast Guard Officer, "...why don't you just close down the beach?" The Officer replied, while looking at the US Flag, "...the last time I looked, the stars and strips were still flying." What the officer was implying, was, America is still a free country, and if a person WANTS to go swimming, he can go swimming! When the government says NO, YOU CAN'T GO SWIMMING, FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY, then the person's individual rights have been infringed upon.

Then, it can escalate from there.

1. For your own safety: you can't drive a car (you might have an accident and get hurt)

2. Can't drink beer (it's bad for you)

3. Can't smoke a cigar (it's bad for you)

4. Can't go water skiing (you might drown)

5. Can't eat a hamburger (it's bad for your health)

6. Can't ride a motorcycle (you might get hurt)


***Update from real Communist party member from 1945-1980 ex-Yugoslavia

My grandfather was Communist Party member for 33 years, and party regional secretary. Communists are people that recognise and praise these values:

-STATE PROPERTY - Everything in the state belong to the state except homes of the people, and that's everything they need to live. They just need to work

at designated state corporation to earn monthly incomes.

-STATE ECONOMY - Banks, Railroads, hospitals, companys, big trade centres except minor restaurants, berbers should belong to the state because it is the STATE that should have power - capitalists would abuse their wealth for they own purposes (like in America for example - oil companys etc)

-NATIONAL UNITY - All people under communist government are of the same class, there is no Mister or Sir, Lord, you could go to Army General and say: Comrad General! (literaly it means Comrad=friend aka someone close related to you), there is no place where you would be ashamed, like if Court Judge would laugh to Sheeperd he would be jailed. so absolutly equall.

-WEALTH - There was absoluly LOW amount of poor people in Communist Yugoslavia, everyone had average, bot none have more than someone else except Company General Directors, Army Officers etc..

-RELIGION FREEDOM - You could follow any religion but you were unable to attack another people "interogate, ask them to follow your religion" etc.

-SELF DEPENDENCY - All communist states want to depend on their self, WE HATED Everyone that tried to even get close to our Independence, we had very LOW imports, ALL food would be produced in Communist state. Communist states have very low or none international trade agreements.

-NO DEMOCRACY - Democracy is a lie, and it never exsisted, its invented by western corrupted capitalists so they can decide who will run the state and who wont, for example (Billionare from US wil fund Al Gore to be a president) normal citizen have no chance to stand with him, so in Democracy only powerfull capitalists decide who will govern the state so there is no democracy, but in Communist state by Decree you had a chance to be part of a government

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