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It can't be one. Mixed numbers are greater than 1.

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Q: What is .003 as a mixed number?
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How do you write the number 003 in number form?


Is 003 a rational number?


Is RA 1780 003 an authentic Louis vuitton serial number?

Ra-1780 003 is it real

Where to buy Honda Part number 14540-P13-003?

14540-p13-003 has to be purchased directly from Honda.

What number is .003 percent?

0.003% = 0.00003

How do you write 3 1000 as a decimal number?


What is the value of a Seth Thomas Grandfather clock model 4499-003?

How much is a seth Thomas grandfather clock worth with number 4499-003

What consists of a whole number and a fraction?

A mixed numberThis is called a mixed number or mixed fraction.

What is greater .003 or .0032?

.0032 is greater than .003

Is .003 seconds faster than 0.02 seconds?

.003 is faster than .005

What is no 003 in Pokemon sapphire?

003: Sceptile

What is 003 in word form?

003 = three.

What is the number containing a whole number and a fraction?

A mixed number

What is 6.17 mixed number?

It is: 6.17 = 6 and 17/100 as a mixed number

What is 3.87 as a mixed number?

The mixed number is: 3 87/100

What is 127 as a mixed number?

What is 127 /5 as a mixed number

Can the reciprocal of a mixed number be another mixed number?

No lol

What number is three thousandths more than 7.65?


What is .003 in word form?

.003= three thousandths

What is 0.666 as a mixed number?

It is below 1 so cannot be a mixed number. A mixed number needs to have a whole number and a fraction

What is the mixed number for 7.007?

7.007 mixed number

How do make 3.034 to a mixed number?

3.034 as a mixed number is ???

What is 0.15 as a mixed number?

0.15% as a mixed number

What is 6.44 as a mixed number?

6.44 as a mixed number

What is 600 as a mixed number?

600% as a mixed number